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A battery is the source of life in every gadget, your mobile phone or any other gadgets is plainly lifeless when is a drained battery. To overpower such situation an efficient phone charger or battery backpack is extremely helpful; on some junctures, it can be purely life-saving. For a moment, imagine yourself in a situation where you are expecting a very important business interview call and your phone’s battery dies…even this imaginary thought is good enough to give you a stroke, what if it becomes a reality? So to avoid such horrible situation or Deja vu it’s better to get alternative portable phone chargers.

To some extent, all smartphone chargers are portable chargers.  Smartphones wouldn’t be practical at all if you could only charge them at stationary, floor-to-ceiling appliances.  The problem is that the plug and wire in your backpack are useless without an electrical outlet.  Wireless phone chargers are now a reality.  You can even get a phone charger backpack, also known as a battery backpack.

How are the Portable Charges Beneficial for you? Let’s have a look:

Charge when your phone runs out of Battery:

When your phone is dead or runs out of battery and you are nowhere near to an electrical outlet, then the only way you are left with is a power bank to charge your cell phone. And in case, if you are commuting, then this portable phone charger can be a blessing. Its lightweight is another feature which makes it unique. It is neither hefty nor troublesome to carry. Portable chargers are portable just because of its built; they are quite lightweight, that’s why users find it very convenient to take it along with them.

The World’s Most Useful Paperweight

Some wireless portable phone chargers look like a semi-sphere.  At first glance, they look like space age-themed paperweight.  Far from being a stocking stuffer that people liked to buy for their dads in the 80s, this semi-sphere keeps your phone charged.  You can use it to keep your phone charged at your favorite coffee shop.  That way, your productivity will not be limited just because someone else took the only table with the electrical outlet.

Combine Fitness and Productivity

Among the most popular wireless phone chargers is the one that is built into a backpack.  Backpack phone chargers are very popular with students.  Leaving your wired phone charger at home no longer makes your day stressful when you can charge your phone just by carrying your backpack.

In certain weather, carrying a backpack can put you in the mood to go for a long walk.  Fitness apps aside, it may be the only way that a phone can improve your fitness level.  Your smartphone does not have to turn you into a couch potato.  In fact, you can even set yourself the goal to keep walking until it is all the way charged.  You also don’t have to dig through your backpack when the backpack is the charger.

Multiple Sockets and Compatible with all Brands and Other Devices

Nowadays, manufacturers have started to make innovative 6-socket featured portable chargers because people just don’t carry one gadget. In fact, many times they have two-three gadgets with them when they travel. These chargers can charge other devices too: besides from cell phones, you can also get other electronic devices recharged with these. Let it be your iPhone, iPad, PSP or iPod, all can be recharged in a go altogether.

On the other hand, suppose if you are traveling with your family, then each one you may be having his or her cell phone with you and during such time having one portable charger with 6 charging socket is a definitely a boon to you to charge you all devices all at once.

Also, they are compatible with all brands, it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or a Nokia phone or a Samsung device, you can use any brand of mobile to charge with these portable chargers. So, we can definitely say that this new wireless portable cell phone charger is both lightweight and hands-on to get on with it.

These are the benefits of having a portable charger, explained in depth with the best case scenarios. So, just’ don’t think buy one for you as soon as you can to end your worries of getting your mobile phone battery drained anytime, anywhere.

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