SK0-005 CompTIA Server+ Certification

CompTIA Server

Introduction of CompTIA Server+:

In data centres and in hybrid environments the servers are installed, managed and issues in them are detected and resolved by the skills of IT professionals. This is validated by the global certification which is the one and only CompTIA.

The one and only certification which ensures or verifies that the IT professional can work in any environment and the reason is that this certification is not restricted on any single platform related to the IT field is CompTIA Server +. Including the availability of high level, computing of cloud and scripting the environment of hybrid server, this exam covers all the essential technologies of hardware and software.

The new present examination covers all the questions that are performance-based in which the demonstration of the knowledge is multi-step in which the servers are troubleshot and administered by the candidate.

CompTIA Server+

Subject Overview of SK0-005 Certification:

In this course, you will learn about understanding the concepts of server administration. This includes the understanding of methods of troubleshooting, license management, the theoretical explanation of the methodologies and troubleshooting, the concepts of license explanation.

You will understand the computing of the cloud and the virtualization which includes understanding the concepts of the virtualization, the working and the purpose of the virtualization, understanding the concept of cloud, and the understanding between the comparison of deployment of clouds and On-Premises.

The concepts of security of physical and the networks understanding include the physical security concept’s understanding and the summarization of the physical security concepts. It also includes the network security concepts understanding and for using the service of the infrastructure of networks the servers should be configured.

Physical assets management includes understanding the concept of asset management and the explanation of the importance and documentation of Asset management. The management of the documents is also very important.

Management of the hardware of the server which includes the physical server management, physical server installation, administration of the storage and the server, the maintenance of the hardware of the server should be performed, the hardware’s issue should be detected and resolved of the server and troubleshoot the failure of the hardware those are common.

What Are Computer Servers & How Do They Work?

Configuration of the management of storage which includes the storage management, storage’s problems should be detected and resolved hence troubleshooting and the scene is that troubleshoot the storage problem. 

Operating system’s configuration and installing includes the installation of the operating system, in this install, the operating system of the server, storage configuration, configuration of the settings of networks, for the usage of services of network infrastructure configuration of the server is there, for configuring the servers the scripts are used and for the administration of servers the basics of scripts are summarized.

In the operating system’s troubleshooting, application and the configuration of the networks the considerations are detecting the problems of the applications and the operating system, detecting the issues of the operating system that are common and software problems. It also includes the problem detection in the configuration of the network and detection of the issues in the connectivity of a network.

In other sections of post-installation administrative tasks management, the considerations include the understanding of the administrative activities that are secure, explanation of the concepts that are important for pertaining to identity, and for the administration of the server access management. It also includes the functions of the server management, functions of servers are configured and maintained, hardening of the server is configured and the method of hardening is applied to the server.

Security of the data management is another part of the course that includes the understanding of the concepts of the security of data, summarization of the concepts of data security, data security management, explanation of the risks in the security of the data, and the strategies of mitigation, troubleshoot the security of data and detect the problems of the security.

Availability of data and service management is last but not the least section in which it includes the data backup management and restoration and the explanation of it, availability on a high level is managed, for the servers the high availability’s important concept is explained, recovery of the disasters are managed and the recovery importance of the disaster’s explanation

At last, the servers are decommissioned in which there is server decommissioning and the explanation of the core concepts for the decommissioning of the servers.

Exam Summary of SK0-005 Certification:

The code for the examination of CompTIA Server+ certification is SK0-005. This exam was launched recently in May 2021 and there are 90 questions to fulfil. Some questions are multiple-choice questions and some are based on performance. The exam of SK0-005 consists of 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish and the score to pass the exam is 750. Experience needed for the exam is CompTIA A+ certified or equivalent working experience of two years in the environment of servers. This exam is in two languages one is English and the other is Japanese and the price for the CompTIA SK0-005 Exam Dumps is 63US Dollars. 

SK0-005 Exam Preparations:

You can prepare for this exam certification in 40-60 hours of time if you have detailed study, knowledge and skills related to this SK0-005 exam certification. You can prepare the exam paper via online courses, such as paid and unpaid trial base courses. The study material is also available at different websites such as DumpsLeader, Microsoft and others. 

DumpsLeader will provide you with free short courses or also paid, depending on your choice. You can find study materials like exam dumps, pdf files, online lectures, audio-video lectures, sample questions and other study material. This will help you a lot and you can easily prepare for your exam paper. 

Worth of SK0-005 Exam:

This course is not so hard, but it can change the future for those with the IT skills who want to get ahead in their career, CompTIA Server + can be invaluable. So this certification will be a stepping stone to careers in cloud and virtualization, IT, management, networking, storage, administration and much more.


SK0-005 is an amazing course that can build on existing professional experience, so if you are interested in this field. This course is a Wao for your bright future. 

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