Control What You Hear With The Smart Hearing Device Knops

Control What You Hear With The Smart Hearing Device Knops

Knops is a small invisible fence around our minds, creating separation, helping us listen to ourselves. By knops, you’ll get yourself a pair of the world’s first adjustable analogue hearing solutions. The purpose of the knops is to concentrate a quiet and private sound in the ear of the listener. There are plenty of instances where we just need to get closer to something that’s going on. Right?

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How does it Work?

Knops allows you to instantly control real world audio like a volume button. So you can hear what you want to hear. Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in 4 steps.

Adjusting to step one allows you to hear what you hear normally. Step 2 reduces the volume to filter the noise of a city, step 3 adjusts the volume to a live music setting, and step 4 creates a silent environment ideal for working. Easily switch from step to step with the knob, and no need to charge them when you get home every day.

But how do these things work without any electric power source? Actually, natural acoustic resonances are used to tune and acoustic friction is used to dampen sound waves.


  • We can manage to create a similar reduction in dB across all the frequency.
  • It comes up with a base with tuned acoustic filters.
  • It consists of knobs to control the volume you want to receive.
  • It uses no electronics, no apps and no batteries which make it easy to handle
  • The design of Knops is based on a classic round volume button with an inner cone shape. Materials include Gramophone (available in white or black), ring material (stainless steel or gold plated), and knurling (smooth and knurling textures).
  • It is engineered to wear in different situations so that bud doesn’t fall out of your ears.


Loud babies on a flight? Not anymore. Asked to lower the volume on the TV at home? Not a problem. Controlling the volume of your life definitely sounds appealing. It also protects your ears from harmful sounds. You can enjoy perfect quality sounds without the risk of ruining your hearing.


Knops is exclusively available on IndieGoGo priced at $69 after 30% discount on knops original, $89 after 25% discount on knops knurled ring and $119 after 40% discount on gold plated knops.

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