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Control Your Bed Temperature With The Awesome Smart Duvet πŸ›Œ

We all spend approximately about 8 hours on our bed; sleeping. What if we spend that hour without any comfort; it’s kind of terrible right. Well, don’t worry because we might have found something to make your sleeping hour more comfortable.

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Smart duvet breeze is one of the best devices for that job, it is exactly the same size as your bed, which is kept in your bed under the mattress. The smart duvet can convert your normal existing bed into a dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed using your current bed and bedding.

How does smart duvet breeze works?

Smart duvet breeze works with a mobile app. The user can set their preferred temperature directly from the app. One can also set the temperature according to their mood. In short, we can say that the smart duvet breeze makes the bed on your demand.

Dimensions of the duvet:

  • Twin Bed: 59’’x79’’ inches – 150 x 200 cm
  • Full/Double Bed: 80”x80” – 203 x 203 cm
  • Queen Size: 90”x88” – 228 x 223 cm
  • King Size: 90”x102” – 228 x 259 cm
  • California King: 94”x104” – 238 x 264 cm

Setup is done in 5 steps:

  1. Open your duvet cover.
  2. Remove the duvet from its cover.
  3. Attach the SmartDuvet to your duvet.
  4. Reinsert inside the cover and connect the included tube.
  5. Connect the end of the sheet with the control box.


  1. First time ever; the dedicated app will make your bed according to your mood.
  2. You can also control how warm or cool you want your side of the bed using the app.

Should I buy it?

SMARTDUVET The self-making bed is here!

Never ever settle for keeping your comfort zone at sake. Yes, if you like to sleep in Air conditioner and your partner, on the other hand, enjoys warmer nights then to avoid conflicts and disagreement try Smart duvet breeze. You can sleep in your own temperature created by you and so will your partner.


So far the product is available on a pre-order basis, for more information on the launch check out their Kickstarter campaign. As far as we know, the pricing of the device is 199$ for any size.

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