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Convert your Smartphone into 10.1″ Tablet using Superscreen

Just imagine you have a device that can change your mobile phone into a tablet? Yes, Superscreen is that device which is capable of transforming nearly any phone into a full form tablet. Surprising isn’t it.

How does it work?

Superscreen comes along with a matching android app. The app must be installed on your phone, then sync your phone to the device (this is a wireless process), after which you can use all the apps, games on the bigger screen just like you are working on a tablet. The device works with both android and IOS devices and uses the touch recognition technology to identify if it’s you or not.

Key Features:

  • It is a 1-inch screen that syncs to your smartphone.
  • It comes with the resolution 2560×1600 pixels, sharper than a lot of smartphones currently available.
  • As well as using multi-touch it supports stylus inputs, so you can do scribbling and doodling also.
  • Talking about weight, this device is comparatively lighter than standalone tablets.
  • Supports speakers.
  • Though it is synced with your mobile phone every time, it still uses 70% less battery compares to the equal amount of smartphone use.

What is the need of Superscreen?

Convert your Smartphone into 10.1 Tablet using Superscreen

 Superscreen is a device connected with your phone that means while having this device your phone will be still beneficial to you and your urge of big screen will be also fulfilled. Now, just consider you have a tablet and all of your work is done on that and now your mobile phone is no use to you. So the extensive money that you invested on your phone honestly, It’ll be a total waste.

Having a separate tablet and a mobile phone will definitely cost you much. But having a Superscreen that is functionally equivalent to a tablet can cost you less.

So, my suggestion. If you want the tablet experience at low cost, carry a lightweight device and you also do not want to make your phone feel unwanted. Then go for this device.


Start-ups like this are mostly not available in public stores. but still, you can buy the device, which is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Kickstart.com. The retail price of the device is 299$, but you can buy in less since they are offering a discount.

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