Proven Coronavirus Business Ideas you can start during the Pandemic

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All successful business started because there’s a need – and whether that need is initially obvious or not doesn’t matter because the businesses’ customers will justify why it exists. As we traverse the world of COVID-19, it may seem that planning for a new business venture or expanding out doesn’t make sense. So here we have added some proven coronavirus business ideas.

Businesses can still thrive despite COVID-19

Successful companies such as Slack and Uber are just two examples of companies that came out from the previous recession and are currently thriving despite the circumstances. The crisis can be used as inspiration for a different look at things. If you’re sitting on an idea that could potentially help make people’s life easier, now is a good time to act.

This shows that the economy doesn’t have to be good to make ideas prosper. As long as a product or service of value to the people is created, priced appropriately, and marketed well, success can follow.

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Proven Coronavirus Business Ideas

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Coronavirus business ideas

Delivery services

Many consumers are wary to leave their homes while some are advised (even forced) by state governments to stay home during the coronavirus crisis. Thankfully, professional delivery services have been allowed by most governments worldwide to make sure goods are delivered to homes and businesses. Nationwide food delivery services and corporate retail deliveries benefited best, but local delivery services are also seeing strong demand.

Cleaning services

It should come as no surprise that professional cleaning services that sanitize homes, offices, and restaurants are in high demand. The spread of coronavirus fears around the world has made cleaning regardless of size a necessity for many. This demand has shown a tremendous increase in commercial buildings and medical facilities due to COVID-19.

Liquor and wine stores

Okay, this one’s a bit personal. Many bars closed around the world have closed due to COVID-19, yet local liquor and wine stores have managed to continue increasing sales. What’s more, it’s been difficult to keep up with demand in the past few weeks since people look to stock up at home.

Meal prep delivery services

Many of the brands for meal preparation, even small are skyrocketing because people are spending more time at home and less at restaurants. Several startups businesses that offer meal prep and delivery are also seeing increased demand and taking advantage of this trend.

Telehealth services

Many people don’t want to leave their homes unless it’s necessary, and when they do, they especially don’t want to go to medical offices where exposure to the novel coronavirus is high. The era of COVID-19 now relies on telehealth companies to allow patients to see doctors or therapists through their computers or phones. This popular trend has increased by an estimated 50% in the US alone.

Fitness equipment companies

With many gyms closed worldwide and some even on bankruptcy troubles, people have turned to home gyms to help them stay fit during the COVID-19 crisis. Yoga mat purchases are likely selling like pancakes for many working out at home while other fitness products and apps are seeing huge success as well.

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These business ventures are just some of the many types that are still thriving even after the outbreak. If you have a brick and mortar business without an existing website where customers can reach you, then it’s high time you visit top providers like Crazy Domains to get an AU domain and proceed to web development. Even if you’re planning to start your business after everything settles down, securing a domain name ensures no one else can snap it up.

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