Why CRM For Ecommerce Is Getting More Popular ?

Why CRM For Ecommerce Is Getting More Popular ?

The world of eCommerce is ruling the business sphere in all aspects. We all now place convenience above everything else for our solutions that we get from online shopping solutions. Business entities are also looking to make their advent to eCommerce platforms on a consistent basis. Organizations are looking to use eCommerce platforms in diverse frameworks that is user centric and provides maximum leeway to the consumers.CRM for Ecommerce is also getting popular.

Advantages of CRM for Ecommerce

Today we find eCommerce companies evolve to new proportions with their cutting edge technology and streamlined business functions.

  • It is true that CRM for eCommerce provides manifold advantages and helps in providing a business model that is looking towards the future. Companies are utilizing CRM software for ecommerce to augment their business growth in true spirits.
  • The CRM solutions for eCommerce is providing a lot of benefits like managing the billing systems as well as orders.
  • It is also useful in maintain the quotes and also communications on email. Also these days CRM systems for eCommerce helps in managing orders over the phone and tracking it with discounts on a B2B level.
  • Managing contacts as well as subscriptions are possible with CRM eCommerce integration. There are also abundance of open source eCommerce CRM.
  • The need of CRM for eCommerce development cannot be underrated for sophisticated eCommerce companies who are looking to take their efficiency to a new level.

Convergence to Ecommerce Platforms

As we closely track the rapid evolution of technology, there is little denial to the fact that systems of CRM will converge with platforms in eCommerce. CRM in eCommerce provides excellent opportunities for businesses to leverage and utilize opportunities in sales.

While we have frameworks like OpenCart, Magento to build stores, its actually the CRM that helps in better interaction as well as personalization. Example can be sited of SuiteCRM that provides excellent benefits such as

  • A single track solution for both marketing as well as sales efforts
  • Promotional updates provided offline with campaigns on newsletters and also updates automatically on status of orders
  • Reminders on emails to consumers to initiate them to close the orders as well as abandonment cart.
  • Integration of chat tools
  • Reports in CRM are far more far fetching as it provides intuitive analysis as well as conversion ratios with drilling of reports on a periodic basis
  • Maintenance of the workflow management right from the welcome email to the feedback and order completion forms
  • Easy integration of systems of telephone is possible with SuiteCRM.

Key Areas of Emphasis

A comprehensive solution in CRM will provide an e-commerce company manifold advantages including

  • Knowledge on the users with complete tracking of the activity history with important metrics of the browser that gives indicators for important following actions to be taken alongside customer loyalty programs
  • Proper segmentation is possible of the users based on diverse parameters and their level of interest
  • Automation helps in getting in touch with the users on effective segmentation that will allow the e-commerce business adopt a proactive model within their business models in propriety
  • The engagement on an automated basis has to happen via social media, applications on websites as well as message pop-ups and email

The difference between the best and ordinary CRM function is the streamlining of the marketing priorities including analysis on predictive indicators as well as marketing on email. If the diverse marketing and promotional functions can be tied under a single platform, it will be accelerated the business growth of an e-commerce company in significant proportions.

Vibetrace as well Monotate with Dotmailer can be taken to be preferred CRM solutions for marketing automation that provides excellent visibility. To some startups RevampCRM has also evolved as a powerful tool for a coherent business function.

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