The Cube is the Smart Pillow That You Need

Cube is the Smart Pillow That You Ever Need

In general, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is an important factor for living a healthy life. One of the major factors on which your time in bed depends is having a pillow that fills the needs of the user. Many people don’t realize it, but pillows serve a very specific role in their sleep. A pillow provides support to the sleeper’s neck and upper back when they are resting and they provide a better level of comfort. So, it is important to consider both of these points before one buys a pillow.

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Recently kick starter launched the world’s first geometric structured pillow called “cubes”. It is the World’s first pillow with cutting-edge structure design that enables you to drift Off to sleep comfortably and quickly. Cubes guarantee, No more pillow hunting.  It consists of 70 cubes in one pillow, a good night’s sleep is more than a dream and now with cubes, it is completely possible to have a good night sleep.

How does a Cube works?

The Cubes offers both a firm and a soft double-sided pillow for all needs. It utilizes memory foam to automatically conform to your sleeping position and gently support your head and provides a zero-gravity sleeping experience, total relaxation in your sleep.


  1. It comes with a unique hinged structure that customizes for the perfect fit.
  2. It is made from nanotech material called Graphene. Graphene nanocomposite foam is heat regulation, bacteria resistant, and odour control.
  3. It has a unique structure with air ventilation that is specifically designed to help keep you cool while sleeping.
  4. The ultra-soft modal fibre used for the pillowcase is skin friendly and quick to absorb moisture.

Why should one go for Cubes?                                 

The Cubes : The World's First Geometric Structure Pillow

Cube is a pillow that can adjust its structure to conform to your positions and support your weight no matter how many times you roll at night. So anyone who prefers sleeping in countless sleeping positions or has a snoring issue or is suffering from insomnia can go for Cubes.


You can buy these awesome cubes pillow from at a minimal cost of 45 USD. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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