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Cyberpunk Themed Gadgets That you Buy Now!

With the Cyberpunk 2077 launch this year, the hype is being created for this game on its peak. Billboards are put up, tech collaborations are happening in order to promote this long-awaited game since 2013. Moreover, the grand launch of Cyberpunk 2077 will be taking place on the 10th of December. The best thing about this device is its futuristic theme. This cool theme makes collaboration easy. This article is dedicated to cyberpunk-themed devices.

Cyberpunk Themed Gadgets 2020

1. Dell Laptop (model – M17 R3) cyberpunk 2077 limited edition

 - Cyberpunk Themed Gadgets That you Buy Now!

Dell laptop (model – M17 R3) is one of the best gaming laptops by Dell. It comes with 8-cores CPU and RTX 2080 super. The cyberpunk 2077 limited edition of this laptop comes with a custom skin on the top panel, as well as on the side and keyboard deck. The custom skin is bright yellow and it contains a bunch of cyberpunk-themed quotes and logos. The top panel also sports a phrase – “Night City changes everybody”. Night city is the place where the game takes place.

This city has a super dense environment and it feels like a real city. Speaking of the laptop, the device didn’t come in any special edition packaging and there were not any special edition wallpapers. It is the just skin that is customised as per the game. But that for sure makes all the difference.  Overall, it is pretty cool, unique and amazing limited edition device.

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2. OnePlus 8T cyberpunk 2077 limited edition

One Plus is creating the hype for Cyberpunk 2077. The One Plus 8T device comes with a bright yellow packaging and background image of a Cyberpunk character. Buyers will also notice a pin board that contains all pins, little badges and logos of all things Cyberpunk 2077 in the right side of the packaging. However, the hardware of 8T remains the same. There is no upgrade and it remains the standard OnePlus 8T device from a hardware standpoint. But, the only thing that makes all the difference is the custom design of the device.

Users will get an 8T smartphone that feels like it’s taken straight out of the game and it comes with a classy matt black finish coupled with a unique texture at the backside of the device that has a completely different feel to it. The smartphone also sports gold borders along with a Cyberpunk 2077 brand on it and the charger. Moreover, when you will turn on the device, you will even see tailor-made features from the game. To enhance user experience the device even features a unique interface, a theme particular to the game.

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3. Razer Mouse (Viper Ultimate) limited edition

From the packaging to the skin, everything is highly customized and the detailed. The packaging showcases the cyberpunk theme and branding. You can see the picture of a cool character on the box. You can even see the cool fonts. As soon as you open the box, you will be astonished by the look of the mouse.

The mouse comes in a bright yellow colour. The charging dock is also yellow. The company did its best to customise the device and they did out extra time and effort and chose to customise the charging dock too. Pretty amazing! This lightweight gaming mouse also has a blue coloured scroll wheel. It is 10 dollars more than the regular razor mouse. But, if you are into cyberpunk and you love yellow, it is completely worth it.

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The futuristic theme, the font, the colour pattern, the characters lead to so many creative ideas for these companies. The collaboration and each device itself speaks for the success of the game. No doubt people have waited for decades for this game. In my opinion, the craze for the customized Cyberpunk Themed Gadgets is going to be same as it is for the game. The hype is real and this time is strong. Stay tuned for more.

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