D. is a Revolutionary Product for Women Hygiene

D. is a Revolutionary Product for Women Hygiene

Tampons, pads and panty liners generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic – in fact, pads are around 90% plastic – which ends up in a landfill or even worse, in seas and rivers that affect either human health or aquatic animals.

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Menstruations are natural but the catastrophic fact is plastic sanitary products aren’t. Also, when it comes to talking about protecting the environment and finding an alternative solution for tampons and pads, many of us try to avoid this topic but Startups are really don’t care.

A new Startup DAME took this initiative to provide a best eco-friendly period product for the 21st century. “D.” is the first reusable green tampon that woman from all over the world might actually use.

How Does “D.” Works?


“D.” is created with a smooth plastic material. The semi-gloss matt finish and human engineering design make D. the most comfortable applicator you’ll ever use. This reusable green tampon applicator works on SELF-CLEANING TECHNOLOGY that enables you to wash and use the product again. D. contains advanced Saniconcentrates that work on a molecular level giving the Mediprene material antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics.


  1. uses antimicrobial technology found in nature to help keep it hygienic.
  2. This applicator is packed full of features, making it 100% keepable
  3. comes with a travel pouch for easy storage.
  4. The applicator is said to fit users of all sizes
  5. With every D. you get 6 DAME organic tampons. The tampons are bleach free, rayon, free pesticide, free fragrance and free biodegradable.

Why Should One Go For D. Tampons?

D. is a Revolutionary Product for Women HygieneWhy throw away billions of pieces of plastic, when you can keep one? Using D. can be your first step towards protecting your environment and maintaining your personal hygiene. Also, Due to D’s antimicrobial technology, cleaning it is much easier. In any washroom, you just have to wipe, rinse, and go.


You can get this product from kickstarter.com at the minimal price of 14 Euro. So, hurry up they got limited stock.

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