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Storage devices are very common these days; we use it every day. Either we need to take a print out of an important document or to give the movie to our friend. These devices are part of our common life. The generation of storage devices have gone a little bit further, previously our data transfers were done in floppy-disk, then came the CD, then the DVD, then pen drives, bigger pen drives, compact hard drive, memory card and now we have SSD.

As we know that these devices storage only data, I mean a lot of data. A massive dump of files, movies, family photos, important documents, pdf files, etc.  I mean at a certain point we need these data; we can’t just delete them. Maybe you’ll remove some old movie or bad photograph but not all of them. I just mean we basically can’t lose the files.

These storage devices may have a good use and working. But these are just a technical device, and unlike any other devices or electronic equipment, these storage devices also get damaged. Let comes to widely used a storage device, i.e. Micro SD cards. A memory card which is a solid-state electronic flash memory data storage device used in digital cameras, cell phones, DSLRs and other electronics.

Imagine you forget to transfer your photos to the computer, and someone from your family accidently deleted the photos and videos or formatted your SD card, and there is no backup. Don’t worry, and you still have chances to recover the photos and videos or your important files from deleted or formatted Micro SD card. Now how to handle this memory card recovery trouble?

Reasons behind Data loss from Memory Card:

  • Pulling out of the media without shutting it off.
  • Damage to the media by heat or any liquid.
  • Physical damage due to mishandling.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Damage due to electrical surge etc.
  • Accidental deletion of a file or program

Well, in any case, if your memory card has compromised. Do not get intimidated damaged memory card recovery is possible. There is professional data recovery team that are capable of Data Recovery from Memory Card. One of the few service providers is Stellar data recovery. The company promises to get back your original data; they have professional expert specialized in data recovery technology.

Cause of Memory Card Corruption:

There might be few symptoms that will possibly help to identify that your memory card has corrupted. For example-

  • When you connect your SD card to your computer all your data files are deleted.
  • The memory card is 0 bytes as their default capacity.
  • SD card folders are empty.
  • Micro SD Card not working.
  • A broken SD card.
  • Memory card not recognize.

Preventive measures of Data Loss:

There are few steps that you can follow to be safe so that your sensitive data will never get lost.

To do list:

  • Remove Memory card safely from devices.
  • Use licensed version of antivirus in your device.
  • Insert memory card properly in the card slot.
  • Seek professional help.

Don’t do list:

  • Don’t try to open the damaged device on your own; it will get more damage.
  • Don’t format the drive in any case.
  • Never accidently remove your memory card.
  • Don’€™t use unauthorized software to recover your data; it will permanently damage your files.

Corrupted Memory Card Recovery solution:

So, there are primarily two types of data recovery solutions. The first one is the DIY (Do it yourself) concept. There are authorize software which provides data recovery solution. You just need to buy from the internet or your local market and install it on your computer, connect a storage device to the computer, scan the device and recover your data. Now, there are few points to be noted.

  • Your device should be in working condition.
  • The software can only recover limited amount of data.
  • There is no guaranty that it will retrieve the exact data that you want.
  • Making aggressive recovery can damage your storage device.
  • You will only get the data if it has recently deleted.

Sometimes, this software is useful. If in any case, you accidentally deleted your file or data then a quick install of recovery suit and recovery will do no damage to the hard drive. They are pretty handy.

The data recovery professionals do the second type of data recovery from memory card. These professionals are an expert in the data recovery and especially in micro SD card recovery. The hardware professional first takes the corrupted Memory Card care; these professionals are the circuit and hardware engineer. Who then identify the actual problem in the storage device and rectify the damaged circuit.The entire process of data recovery done in Class 100 Clean Room Lab, which specially designed for this kind of technical environment. So, your data will be safe.

One of the best recovery professionals which you can find in India is Stellar Data Recovery, which has the best service of its kind. Because this time they are going to take your device from your home, Analyse-it, retrieve data and give it back to your place.

As per their work they can recover up to 100% of data from external storage devices. They are helping customers in the recovery of data from a different media device.

You can call them for a free consultation at (0124) 432 6700.

The process works as:

  1. Door Step Pick up: Once you pay analysis fee, they will arrange media pickup service. It ultimately gives you door to door service which is the best service any company can offer in India.
  2. Analysis and Consultation – There professional engineers will analyze the problem and consult you about it on call, which includes the cost, the data which can recover. Once you finalize it and will proceed further.
  3. Data Recovery: As per the guidance, they will start doing their work which is making recovery of maximum data from your memory card and SD cards.
  4. Data Verification: Once all the data is recovered, all sectors get combined, and data get verified for further recovery.
  5. Recovery and Fee payment: They will make Backup of all your recovered data in new Drive so that it can be accessed and will ask you for the further payment.
  6. Handover: Finally you will receive all your data recovered from corrupted memory card.

For more information on their services and products, do visit their website. You can also visit Stellar Data Recovery at their Gurgaon Branch.Now Data Recovery from Memory Card becomes Easy 1

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  1. What kind of data recovery this article is about if the first provision is “Your device should be in working condition” 🙂 These days most complicated recoveries are when you have to do memory chip off and scratch layers to get access to the contacts, get dump of all sectors, reassemble needed data pages into readable file structure.

    1. @Andy Vas we can recover data from memory card via two mode. one is DIY and second one is In lab services. DIY is helpful when your memory card is in working condition but you are not able to access few folders or files. In lab service is helpful when your memory card has extensive damage or scratches because in that situation your device not able to read memory card so that we prefer for in lab service by experts.

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