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You remember when you’re texting your loved ones with the feelings of being on the top of the world and butterflies flying in your stomach ….. those feeling causes excitements and nervousness makes you to take more and more time to type a single message so that you can make a perfect sentence and then finally click the send button.

But here is the secret …. You will totally surprise with the fact that the key to getting some loving might not have anything to do with words- IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SMILEYS FACES……. According to a popular survey held by, some interesting facts are revealed.

Single people who use Emoji’s have more scope to get into relationships if they constantly share smileys with the person they chat than those singles who do not get their smileys faces on. So if you wana express more and more of your feelings then the best way is to make use of more and more smileys, this will help you to go more closer to your loved ones. SO KEEP SENDING SMILEYS.


According to the survey for getting and showing off love the most popular smileys were the winking face, the blushing smiley and the kissing face with a heart.

So what are the favorite smileys of single girls and boys??

Single women were much more likely to use the kissing face with the heart to show their love, whereas single men use the blushing smiley.

And the least popular Emoji’s among people turned out to be the woman flipping her hair, the red lips, and monkey covering his eye.

We’re not saying that these little guys are real deal breaker or maker but just keep in mind our small suggestions before texting.

Expressing feelings when you’re apart from each other whether through Emoji’s or by simple text messages builds anticipation and a much stronger relationship when you eventually meet in reality.

So keep sending smileys and keep expressing your feelings.

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