Dos and Don’ts in the Aftermath of a Car Accident

Car Accident
Car Accident

Car accidents can be terrifying. And that is rightfully so because car accidents are responsible for more than 60% of carnage on American Roads. However, it would be best if you were not alarmed because a majority of drivers and passengers who get involved in car accidents live to see another day.

When you are involved in a car accident, what you do immediately after the accident is very important. Your reaction can make the difference between making a successful claim for compensation and one that quickly gets rejected.

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One thing you can be sure about is that your insurance company will try to poke holes in your request. The best-case scenario of having a claim that is not watertight is a reduced payment. At worst, your request will get thrown out, and you will go home with nothing.

Due to this, motorists should know what actions benefit them and which actions work against them in the aftermath of an accident.

3 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Aftermath of a Car Accident
Aftermath of a Car Accident

1. Collect Evidence

Gathering evidence is one of the crucial things to do after an accident. Compelling evidence becomes crucial when claiming compensation from insurance companies. The evidence collected should point to the accident is the fault of other drivers, road users, or road conditions. Experienced drivers know that one danger of a rollover accident is proving that the driver is not the one at fault. You can collect evidence by taking photos of the scene using your smartphone before anything gets moved.

2. See a Doctor

Serious injuries should be attended to as soon as possible. To achieve this, visit a hospital and see a doctor the soonest you can. Ask the doctor to do a thorough job when diagnosing minor as well as major injuries and record them in the medical report. Remember to play your part for a full recovery by following the doctor’s instructions to the letter.

3. Call an Attorney

Contact an attorney right away and get them involved from the beginning. An attorney becomes very useful in case the other party sues you or the insurance company tries to wiggle out of paying the full amount stipulated in the claim.

3 Things Not to Do After an Accident

1. Don’t Engage in Unnecessary Conversation

Avoid exchanging too many words with the other driver. Only ask for their details and insurance information. By having a long conversation, you might end up saying something that puts the blame on you. Also, avoid talking to the insurance agent sent by your Insurance provider on the scene. In most cases, the agent will have the interest of the Insurance company at heart. Instead, let your attorney handle the insurance agent in order to avoid implicating yourself.

2. Don’t Agree to Cash Settlements Without Approval from your Attorney

Casual agreements between drivers who get involved in an accident are common. Insurance companies also like to push clients into agreeing on quick settlements. However, the quick settlements can leave you holding the short end of the stick. To avoid such a situation, ensure you consult your attorney before agreeing to any settlements. Keeping your attorney in the loop ensures that you do not get shortchanged.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Pursue Compensation from Your Insurance Provider

Most drivers are not aware that they can claim to be compensated by their insurance provider when a rogue driver hits their car and flees the scene. You can also file a claim for compensation from your insurance in an accident where the other car is not insured. Such cases need you to hire an attorney with tons of experience to prove the worthiness of your claim.

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