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Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine

Since the inventions of washing machines occurred, cleaning laundry is no longer a tough task. But there are some disadvantages too; like washing machines take up to 50L of water and 500W of power supply per cycle, which is a considerable wastage of both; water and power.

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Well, Thanks to technology. Yirego, a Canada based company was able to develop Drumi: the foot powered based washing machine.

How does it work?

Since its require no external source of energy like an electrical power supply or solar power, you can use it anywhere anytime irrespective of the surrounding.

For washing laundry; add clothes into the drum, close the lid. You can either add water up to 5L directly into the drum or you can pour water into the lid. After that, add detergent into the tray and lock the lid.

Now all you’ve to do is to pedal the foot pedal for up to 3 minutes. You can also remove water by twisting off the valve.


  • It is quite small and portable.
  • Uses very less water in comparison to regular washing machines.
  • It does not depend upon any external power supply.
  • Takes only up to 10-15 minutes to wash clothes.

Why should you buy it?

Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine

If you wash clothes regularly, then you should definitely go for Drumi because it not only saves your time of going to a laundromat but also costs nothing. It’s like a one-time investment, no more increased electricity bills.

Moreover, its water consumption is 80% less than the laundry machines. Above all, its size is so compact that you can take it anywhere even while travelling.


This amazing product is currently available on pre order basis at Indegogo.com. The price of the product is 299 $, hurry up because they are offering discounts.

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