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How Much Can You Earn as an Operations Manager with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certbolt Certification?

Once you add the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certbolt certification to your CV, it serves as valid proof that you have enough knowledge to handle this methodology on an intermediate level to be an Operations Manager. You show that you understand real business scenarios and know how to improve the company’s processes, identify errors, and keep costs under control.

This badge helps you stand out from the crowd and impress any recruiting team when applying for different jobs including operations manager. Do you want to discover more about this role and how much you can earn being such a specialist? This article will give you all the answers you need.


What Does an Operations Manager Usually Do?

Operations Manager

The first thing to do when seeking a suitable job is to explore all the options available and the duties involve. Thus, being an operations manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the company’s goods and/or services production. Your actions will be visible in higher profits and increased customer satisfaction.

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Also, in this position, you will be in charge of managing different departments, for example, warehousing or manufacturing. This means that you will need leadership skills. When you train for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certbolt certification, you will learn how to apply the lean methodology to change employees’ mindset and improve the organization’s culture.   

Why Choose Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for This Purpose?

Six Sigma is a widely known and utilized methodology, so the first reason for enrolling in this accreditation process is that your credential will be globally recognized.

Also, the Green Belt badge has a comprehensive syllabus, so by completing this training, you’ll be proficient in many areas including detecting errors, preventing any extra expenses, and implementing effective techniques like DMAIC and others that are focused on productivity improvement. All this will make you not just suitable for the role of an operations manager but a highly sought-after candidate.

How Much Can Operations Manager Earn in One Year?

According to Payscale, the average salary that an operations manager can earn is about $65k annually. But possessing the Lean Six Sigma Green belt credential, you raise this sum up to $93k per annum.

If you wonder which companies are interested in hiring such professionals, the list includes Amazon.com Inc, XPO Logistics, Federal Express Corporation, and many more with annual salaries of about $87k, $70k, and $73k, respectively. For more visit

The lowest salary is paid by FedEx Ground and CVS / Pharmacy whose offer is $51k and $53k respectively. But, if you don’t have much experience and want to strengthen your skills before moving further, these options may be a great choice. 


Becoming an operations manager can be a huge step in your career. You will work in a position that enjoys high respect from colleagues and brings a generous annual salary. In addition, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt badge helps develop the necessary skills to be a good leader and improve business processes. So, there’s nothing that holds you back from starting the Certbolt certification path and enjoying a successful career! 

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