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If you run a WordPress Website, you would definitely be aware about the importance of Admin area of your site. It’s the place where your post is displayed. Generally, the default WordPress admin area looks feature rich and modern, but, many times it happens that, it doesn’t fulfill the specific need of WordPress bloggers. But, don’t get worried at all.

As WordPress is equipped with great flexibility and customization possibilities, you can easily customize the Admin area of your website and make it more attractive, user-friendly and engaging. Some important tips to improve your WordPress admin area are detailed here below:

1. Brand Your Admin Area:

Branding your Admin area will make your website look different from others and will attract more clients to your website. With the help of WordPress Branding Plugin, You can easily choose your favorite colors, logo and company name, etc without changing even a single line of code.

2. Hide Unnecessary Items of your Site’s menu:

If you run a multi-author WordPress blog, it is possible that lots of things displayed in the admin area of your website are of no use for visitors. Just clean up the admin area of your site using Adminimize plugin and allow your visitors to navigate on your site freely and smoothly.

3. Take note of Local Factors:

Many times, it happens that your browser cache and slow Internet connection also affect your browsing speed up to great extent. Check your Internet connection, clean up your browser cache and use another browser to improve your browsing speed and make your website more user-friendly.

4. Think of Adding Help section in WordPress Admin Area:

When you manage a multi-author WordPress site, you get fed up with answering the same questions of your clients and users time and again. You can solve this problem easily by adding WP Help plugin to your site. Once you install and activate it, users can find answers themselves with customized help/resource center added to the website.

5. Update Your website regularly:

Update your site’s themes, plugins, etc regularly. Don’t make use of an automatic updater. If you update your website in a timely fashion, it will resolve your site’s problem related speed and increase its security manifold.

6. Select your advertisements carefully:

Adding lots of advertisements from a third-party network on website will decrease its loading speed significantly. Add advertisements to your site directly by using an image(optimized for the Internet) or link

7. Take note of Hosting Account:

Choosing a right hosting scheme is very important for your website. If your site’s server is taking too much time to process an HTTP request and MySQL commands, then you need to get serious about it. You must get in touch with the hosting company and get the issue solved as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind that you should not host several sites at one time because if a site hosted on the same hosting account, gets traffic in bulk, it may decrease the website loading speed because of excessive server activity and badly optimized database.

8. Restricted Access to the Admin Area:

WordPress allows all readers and visitors of your site to access its Admin area by default. If you wish to disallow some users from accessing your site’s Admin area, just make use of the plugin named Remove Dashboard Access and redirect them to other pages of your websites.


9. Alter the Footer of WordPress Admin Area:

The default footer of your WordPress website might be quite monotonous, that displays a line of pointless words, a link to WordPress.org and current WordPress version number. You can easily change it as shown by applying a simple trick. Just apply the code into the functions.php file to display your own links and words in the footer area(as shown in the picture here below):


10. Attach Login Redirects for Non-Admin Users:

It is one of the most commonly used ways to restrict users to the dashboard of your site. Just make use of a Login Redirect plugin and control users easily and comfortably based on their role, name, etc. You can select one or many users from the dropdown and redirect editors and admins to wordpress dashboard and the subscribers to another custom page easily. It can be done in following direction Settings” > “Login/logout redirects”.


11. Attach a Notification Center

Numerous notifications from plugins and themes can make your visitors unhappy. You can attach a notification center in the Admin area with the help of WP Notification Center to let them have a good experience on your website. When you use this plugin, notifications stop appearing on the Admin page and it gets lined up in the toolbar. When you slide mouse over the menu, it will displayed in a list. Always note that you can’t dismiss the notifications in the notification center, they will vanish only when you take the required action.



There are several tricks using which you can easily improve your WordPress admin area. Some of them help you make your website look better and others will protect your site against online threats. You also come to know about several ways as how to increase the performance of your site’s dashboard significantly. So, the admin area is important for you blog and you should take all possible steps to run it smoothly.

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  1. Hi Barret,
    Thanks for posting good article. I planned to update my WP admin area. At present I planned to add few user to control my site. This is the great feature in WordPress.


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