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Electrical Test and Tag: A Complete Guide

Test and tag on inspected electrical appliances is part of the AS/NZA 3760 compliance. Basically, there are many test and tag supplies right now in the market. Knowing the right type of test and tag labels to use is imperative. It might help to make all the tags last for long in order to avoid spending more than required.

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Normally, the environment where test and tag are used plays an important role when it comes to determining the right tag material to use. But in general, the label materials must withstand the type of environment in which test and tag labels are used for.

What Test and Tag Involves

Testing, as well as tagging, refers to the processing of testing appliances to ensure electrical safety. Mainly, there are two reasons for testing and tagging. Theū process ensures safety for everyone working in the workplace and those accessing the equipment.

Another reason is that it reduces the risks associated with electrical dangers, potentially resulting in damages to the electrical equipment.

Every current testing and tagging check is subject to New Zealand’s safety standards. That is why many businesses decide to have a licensed and reliable electrician finish the procedure.

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The procedure also comprises two parts. Firstly, you have to visually inspect appliances for all the damages. The second part involves testing the appliances using special testing tools.

Normally, professional technicians use a portable appliance tester, which is the latest tool that helps diagnose technical problems and determine the device’s functionality.

Services for tests and tags may as well include other procedures. Some of these procedures or tests include the following:

  • Insulation
  • Polarity wire
  • Supply cords inspection
  • Leakage/run test
  • Test for earth circuit
  • Powerboards inspection

Types of Equipment to Get Tested and Tagged

In other words, all the devices with flexible cables, removable plugs, and those of low voltage should be tested and tagged. This may include portable RCD cord sets and extension leads.

Though in general, experts have classified electrical appliances as either class II or class I. Class II includes double insulated appliances that are identified with the words ‘Double Insulated,’ i.e., many hair dryers and electric drills.

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On the other hand, class I includes earthed appliances, like toasters, irons, and kettles. But it is important mentioning that all new appliances shouldn’t get tested – they should just get tagged and visually inspected.

How Often to Carry out Test and Tag Procedure

Not all the appliances or equipment in your workplace should get tested the same day. For instance, you should test your construction equipment more often than your double-insulated appliance.

All the construction, demolition, and building equipment should get tested after every three months. Basically, a fault in all your building equipment might be dangerous, making it necessary to test them four times a year. However, other appliances can be tested after six months, one year, and five years, depending on the equipment application.

The Bottom Line!

Generally, every electrical equipment applied in construction and building settings should be maintained, tested, and inspected regularly,

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The same holds true for all your electrical appliances and equipment, especially those that use in hostile environments, as they can be prone to dust, corrosive substances, vibration, or heat.

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