ExtraTorrent Shut Down 😱: Top 5 Alternative that you Should know about

Extratorrent shutdown

A Sad news for the torrent lovers. The folks of ExtraTorrent have posted an official announcement on their homepage, that they are shutting down the entire ExtraTorrent network, including the mirror sites and the official site. The catastrophic decision was announced today, which has left millions of torrent lover with a huge heartbreak.

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Users who are accessing the homepage are getting a short message, which says that the ExtraTorrent website has shut down permanently. Yes! Guys permanently.

Extratorrent shutdown

ExtraTorrent was the second largest torrent site next to The Pirate Bay. After Torrentz.eu and Kickass Torrent, users were already left with few options but with the demise of ExtraTorrent. There is just nothing left to say.

Now, with its shutdown, the users are banging and searching for an alternate option. So, hang on guys because we maybe have some options yet.

1.The Pirate bay

The one and only Pirate bay are still alive. You can find a direct domain name if you search on google. The pirate bay has been very much active since the website like kickass torrent shut down, and all the traffic spread across to other top websites.

Working domain: pirate.trade


YTS movies, who eventually overtook the well-known YIFI movies network is still up and running. You can find domain name easily. The brand is not affiliated with the original YTS or YIFY group, but they have successfully taken over YIFY legacy.

Working domain: yts.ag


The Bulgarian tracker website has been very helpful for torrent lovers. The site is still up and running. The site was founded in 2008, but in 2015 it made in top torrent websites due to the banning of different popular torrent sites.

Working domain: rarbg.to


Torrentz2 is not the new domain of the original Torrentz.eu. In fact, it is rebranding the previous Torrent.eu and relies on the same concept of Torrent searching in an improved way. The Metasearch engine is still up and running.

Working domain: torrentz2.eu


1337x is not new in the Torrent family. Because of some security and privacy issue in between their moderators, the site was left behind but it is now improved. It is increasing traffic, honestly, it has more that 50Million traffic every month.

Working domain: https://1337x.st/home

Security Suggestion: Because of security issue, we want to suggest you to not open these websites without using a proxy or VPN. Some of these websites could also be banned in your region, so it is always good to play a safe side. You can easily find a free VPN or a proxy of these websites online.

That’s all for this guys and happy Torrenting. And One thing to clear, I will personally recommend you to download only Free software or open source software from torrent sites and buy the paid software from official websites for your use.

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