What is Fuchsia OS? Is Fuchsia OS the Future?

Fuchsia OS - Future of Android

Fuchshia is one of the newest or the hottest entry in the operating system market. Why it is in so many rumours, and what makes it different, is what we’re going cover in this article. First of all, this OS is powered by none other than Google, which makes it sound way more promising and reliable. But let’s not jump into conclusions because it hasn’t been officially introduced, and is still a work in progress. Let’s have a look at what Fuchsia has got it in for us.

Tell me something about Fuchsia OS

Google Fuchsia OS logo techniblogicFuchsia was first introduced in 2016 as a part of a GitHub project. Since it is an open source OS, every now and then it has been into rumours, whenever there is a slide change in its core functionality. Google currently has two distinct operating systems; Android for mobile devices and Chrome OS for desktops and laptops. But now the word is, that instead of optimising code differently for different devices, they are trying to integrate all into one OS, which will work on every device without any hassle.


  • Chrome OS and Android work on Linux based kernel, but Fuchsia will work on new a microkernel – Zicron (earlier known as Magenta)
  • Like Apple, now even Google is looking to push OS updates directly to the devices which are running the OS without waiting for different OEMs and network operators.
  • Fuchsia is written with a help of Flutter, a Software development kit which allows cross-platform development for it.
  • It is said to work from FAR files, the android equivalent of
  • It might be more focused on voice-based interaction instead of just relying on touch-based interaction.

Is Fuchsia OS the future?

If you’ve questions regarding when it will be launched, then we may suggest you wait a little more. Since it’s a work in progress and no official comments have been made yet, we need to wait and see what it holds in for us. Whenever it comes, it will not be like any Android update, since its working is completely different from that of Android. It may or may not replace Android but it will be a great successor to it. It will surely revolutionize the experience operating system users, who prefer Google rather than Apple. Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe.

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