Refining Your Craft: Are You Guilty of Repeating These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes?

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Before most agencies and other consulting firms get started working with a new client, they usually conduct audits to determine the effectiveness of their efforts and evaluate whether they think they can help. For most of these groups, this can end up being a lot of people, and mistakes. Therefore here you can find some Facebook Advertising Mistakes which is being made commonly.

In only Facebook advertising, the problems had a wide range, from little errors that took only a mouse click to fix, to mistakes that required rethinking entire approaches. The folks at Appiloque have seen it all and share a few of their insights on the most common Facebook advertising mistakes in this article.

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Facebook Advertising Mistakes

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Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Having No Campaign Goals or Setting the Wrong Ones

Of all the mistakes that Facebook advertisers make, this is the most common one. They either have no goals for their campaign, or they set the wrong ones. Always pick to bid in the auction instead of using “Reach and Frequency.” Make sure to always bid on events that are of value to your business.

Some metrics are aimed at the vanity. These should be avoided at all costs. Other factors, such as reach, traffic, video views, engagement, and brand awareness, are top-of-funnel events that are better. This is an easy fix. Instead of worrying about all the technical stuff, think, “What is best for my business?” If the objective is to sell to high-value gamers, look for events such as “Unlocked Achievement.” Remember that as you work your way down the funnel, the audience gets larger. In this manner, you can reach more people.

Not Pursuing Lookalike Audiences

Did you ever not choose an audience because they weren’t a perfect fit for your demographic? It happens a lot. Unfortunately, in many cases, a lookalike audience might increase your reach as much as your real audience, and maybe even better. Go for them.

Fragmented Ad Sets


Advertisers need to remember that Facebook’s algorithm learns over time. For this reason, no advertiser should split up audiences. This only leads to smaller results.

Buying the Wrong Prospects

Facebook advertising isn’t cheap, but it is a good investment. When buying Facebook advertising, it’s easy to forget that you need to spend money to make money. This leads many advertisers to become gun-shy with their money. This is a serious mistake since Facebook advertising is very flexible, and it allows you to tailor-make the audiences you want to appeal to. The other side of this coin is that with this many options, it’s easy to make mistakes from time to time. Don’t let this deter you from continuing your efforts. Sometimes, buying Facebook advertising is a matter of trial and error.

Using the Wrong Ad Type

If Facebook advertising has one advantage, it gives you the ability to select what type of advertisement to use. What another kind of advertising allows you so many options? Use them to maximum advantage.

Abandoning Ads

Another huge mistake that many advertisers make is to place an ad and forget about it. It’s essential to keep track of your advertisements and their returns. Update them when needed.

Don’t Advertise Too Much on a Tight Budget

In advertising, too much is not enough, unless you don’t have enough money. Go for effectiveness as opposed to quantity.

To achieve success in your Facebook advertising efforts, you must go the extra mile to make sure everything works. Don’t shortchange your efforts by not paying attention to what you are doing.

Facebook advertising can be immensely effective and can pay amazing results. This can lead to the fast growth of your business. Just avoid making these mistakes, and you will be rewarded many folds.

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