How to Save a Video from Facebook? – Download Videos from Facebook App

how to download videos from facebook to iphone

Most of the time it happens that the video which we watch on the Facebook wall is the wrenched YouTube clips with edited text on top and bottom. These clips are re-posted on Facebook for social media engagement. But, if you want to save those videos, you can do it now using the Facebook Android App Available on the Play store. How to Save a Video from Facebook? You can spot this new feature in the “Saved” video section of the application. The “save” option is available in versions 85 and 86(beta) of the application.

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One thing that is worth noticing is saving a video on the Facebook app doesn’t mean that the video is being downloaded to your device i.e. Laptop/smūartphone. Instead, the video is saved to your Facebook account and the downloaded file just remains in the Facebook app which is accessible only from the expanded and troublesome interface.

One reason why Facebook doesn’t allow its users to download videos to their devices is to prevent them from uploading those videos on other social media platforms. Hence, the only options left for users would be of sharing those videos via Facebook only.

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Here are a few points that one should keep in mind while choosing the option of saving offline videos with the help of the Facebook Android App:  

  • Videos can be watched offline
  • Videos can be removed at any time.
  • The videos cannot be downloaded to your device.

But if you’re looking for a way to download Facebook video on Mac we’ve gathered together a list of the best Facebook video downloaders here. It takes you a few clicks to save the video on Mac and you can enjoy your favourite content offline anywhere.

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