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What factors does the bobtail insurance provider take into account when establishing your coverage’s price?

If you run a logistics company, you know that the chances for one of the drivers to drive a truck without a trailer are high. In fact, it’s common practice. When they head to a warehouse to pick up a load or don’t transport anything from one location to another, they drive the truck unloaded. Bobtail is considered dangerous because trucks aren’t created to operate without an attached trailer to weigh them down. Due to the risks associated with driving a truck without a load, you consider the option of buying bobtail insurance. 

Damage to a truck can prove pricey, and it’s essential to protect your property. Even though all vehicles are dangerous on the roads, trucks tend to cause a higher number of accidents, which is easily explained by their size and weight. You need to train your drivers always to operate them with caution and never overwork themselves. A truck crash can leave the victims with serious injury or even lifelong disabilities. Therefore, if you know that your drivers operate trucks without trailers, you should get bobtail insurance in case they get involved in an unfortunate accident. 

Different insurance providers offer different rates, so it’s advisable to compare the rates before purchasing coverage. Bobtail insurance shouldn’t break the bank.

Bobtail insurance can be more affordable than general liability insurance

Bobtail insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. The average bobtail insurance costs around $30 monthly, so you can afford to pay it. But before buying coverage, you should have a look at the factors that influence the price fluctuation. Here is a list of the factors that can affect the rates. 

– The average profit your company makes annually

– The driver’s driving records

– The type of goods you transport

– The number of trucks you have

– The kind of motor your trucks have

– The operational routes you prefer

As you can see, a number of factors can influence your coverage’s price. Before you contact your provider, ensure that your drivers have a clean driving record. 

The price of bobtail insurance differs from a provider to another

When working in this sector, the levels of risks can vary according to the routes you take and the goods you transport. Regardless of these factors, make sure that you have complete protection before your trucks leave the warehouse. Bobtail insurance is more than an option, it is a necessity because it protects your company’s finances. When shopping for insurance is a good idea to compare the rates charged by different providers to save money. By researching, you can discover the insurer that provides the best solution for your needs. 

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No two providers have the same packages. You can purchase bobtail insurance in a complete package designed for truck companies or separately from a different carrier. At times it’s more affordable to collaborate with different insurers for different services. Comparison can expose to information that helps you make the best decision, so you should take the time to check the market and ask questions before signing a contract. 

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