Family Movies to watch on Netflix

Movies to watch on netflix

Some movies offer more than just entertainment. A lot of times, movies remind us of family values and the importance of family. It is a great way of reflecting on what our family means to us. A single scene from a movie can aim to teach our kids about the importance of family, and it is an important thing to do as it gives our children credibility.

Family Movies to watch on Netflix

There are plenty of family movies to watch on Netflix that help us address this important factor in our lives. We can transform society by strengthening family ties and values by teaching our kids. This is not a one-time thing and is a daily task that should be reflected in all our actions. So, why not take advantage of holidays and weekends to watch these amazing and empowering movies? It will give your kids a chance to reflect on the importance of family.

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1. Up (2009)

Up is the best movie to watch with your kids this holiday season. It will make you shed a tear or two because of the emotional scenes and deep dialogues. Up is an American animated movie that tells the story of an elderly widower Carl and a young Wilderness Explorer Russel as they go on a journey to South America to fulfil a promise that Carl made to his late wife.

Up is a movie about the fantasy of escaping when life becomes too much. The main lesson in this animated film is to live in the moment and value the things that you have around you. It teaches our kids that instead of fantasizing about what you don’t have, try to make the most out of everything around you, including the people near you, family, friends, and every opportunity you get.

2. Marley & Me (2008)

family movies to watch on Netflix

Marley & Me tells the story about newlyweds Jenny and John who leave Michigan and move to Florida, where they settle into their new life. They adopt an adorable Labrador called Marley. It’s a touching movie that focuses on the importance of family and pets. It teaches our kids about the importance of commitment and family unity.

The movie also reflects on the idea of ageing that we all have to experience. The movie is full of raw emotions that will leave tears willing in your eyes.

3. Nanny McPhee Returns (2010)

Nanny McPhee Returns is a great movie that your kids must watch at least once. In this movie, Nanny McPhee helps a young mother who is trying to run a farm and a family while her husband is away at war. Nanny McPhee uses magic to teach kids a few lessons.

The movie has a great story with an amazing cast and lessons. Nanny McPhee Returns teaches kids to help each other, be brave, and always have faith. The movie is not just for kids as it has a few lessons for parents as well, and how they can use different ways to give their kids important life lessons.

4. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events is about three children whose parents get killed in a massive fire. The kids are given in the custody of a cousin and a stage actor who is plotting to steal the fortune left by their parents. The kids must stick together to fight against the Count.

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events has something to teach us all, regardless of our age. It teaches our children to never compromise on their principles no matter the situation they are in. The Baudelaire kids are often caught in tough situations, but they never bow down their heads and hope for the better. This courage helps them get out of even impossible situations.

Another very important lesson taught by this great movie is that whatever happens, Family comes first! The kids might have lost their mother and father, but none of them turned their back on each other. Throughout the movie, the siblings supported and protected each other.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an all-time favourite children’s movie and book. The movie tells the story of a young boy from a low-income family who wins a tour to the world’s most spectacular chocolate factory, led by a famous candy maker.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has amazing lessons for kids. It shows the value of learning to follow directions as other kids who came with charlie suffered horrible consequences as they ignored the instructions to satisfy their wants. Another important life lesson taught by the movie for all of us is that greed doesn’t get you anywhere, and one must always be grateful for the simple things in life.


So, these are some great movies that you can enjoy with your kids and have fun while reinforcing family traditions and values at the same time. It is a parent’s duty to teach kids about good morals. At the same time, with these movies, you can make sure that your child is learning those morals and values through TV as well.

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