How a Faster Broadband Connection Can Make Your Home Smarter

How a Faster Broadband Connection Can Make Your Home Smarter

In the past two decades, many devices have become smart. As we can recall, revolutionary changes made its inception with Smartphones, and Apple iPhone can be seen as the milestone. After, it had many followers, including Smart TVs, Smart watches, Smart Glasses and Smart Cars.Despite the diversity, there is a common thing that makes these devices smart — an Internet connection. You can simply guess how useless your top-class smartphone will be if it does not have a Mobile Data or Wi-Fi connection.

If we take the case of Smart Home — perhaps the most popular umbrella term in the world of smart devices — the role of Internet becomes even significant. The reason of simple: the entire concept of Smart Home is powered by Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT. For the proper functioning of IoT and Smart Home, however, we need a proper internet connection. Because not all of us have the privilege of Google Fiber or ultra-fast wireless networks, broadband connection is the ultimate savior. But, how fast it should be?

Today, we’ll have a discussion how a faster broadband connection can make your home smarter. We should start with an introduction, right?

The Concept of Smart Home

Smart Home isn’t an isolated concept for any reason. It involves many sections such as home automation, a remote-controlling system and smart energy-savings. You may have to use different technologies for all the different needs, but the cluster can be called a smart home. That having said, these devices communicate to each other and make your life smarter than it actually is. The top smart home gadgets available in current market are include Philips Hue, Nest and Air etc.

In addition, there are some smart home management products too — such as Google Home and Alexa from Amazon. These devices work as a platform through which you can control all the smart devices at home, of course subject to compatibility. The only condition for seamless communication is that all devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. And, that is where a powerful broadband connection comes onto the stage.

By the way, there’s an entirely different aspect of being smart too. If a connection makes your life easier and more productive, it’s equal to being smart, right?

Why Broadband?

We will never tell you to stick onto broadband connection if you can afford an optical fiber connection. That having said, not many cannot do that. On the other hand, broadband technology is now serving better speed and performance. Some providers, like BigPipe in New Zealand, are offering naked broadband connections too. That is, you can have powerful broadband connections without having to pay telephone rentals and all. Compared to installation and maintenance costs of optical fiber, broadband is way too better.

In addition to the powerful connection, you should also set up a stronger Wi-Fi network too. As we had said above, all your smart devices will be communicating through Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth in some cases. We’d suggest purchasing a high-end router with extensive coverage and features.

 How Does a Faster Broadband Connection Help?

There are several sections where a faster broadband connection can have its impact. Some of them are:

Better Media Consumption

The world of web has a lot more to offer than the typical cable subscription. Just connect your Smart TV to a faster connection and let Netflix and Hulu start the show. It’s only with a faster connection that you would enjoy the benefits of HD Quality streaming and Recording. And you won’t miss any of your favorite TV shows.

Enhanced Inter-Device Communication

When the connection is powerful enough, the smart devices can connect quickly and interact. That is, when you want Google Home to switch on the lights in the living room, the results will be quick. Things are going to be really annoying if you have a slow internet connection at home. So, the faster, the better!

Enough Resources for Every Device

Even in a typical home, 5-10 devices will be connected to the network. When you add those smart bulbs and other gadgets, the number will be high-enough. The connection should provide enough resources to every device, right? And, that’s where you need to boost the speed.

Automation and Remote Control

Both these can make your home and life smarter. Wouldn’t that be awesome if your room is air-conditioned by the time you open the door? Similarly, it sounds cool to automatically cut power when something messy is happening. All these actions — no matter which devices or tech you use — require a good connection. It’s possible to choose from many devices, including Smart Coffee Makers, Smart Vacuum Cleaners and more.

Right Information, On Time

This is something awesome about smart homes that come with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. You never procrastinate anything when it comes to knowledge. All you have to say is OK Google or Hey Alexa, followed by the question. And you have the answer ready. That’s something really smart for a home, don’t you think?

Wrapping Up

These are how a faster internet connection can make your smart home smarter. Even when you don’t have some smart devices like Nest or Alexa at home, a faster internet connection is really good for productivity. If you already have set up something superb, just fire them up by upgrading the speeds. For those who don’t know, the market of Smart Home is growing rapidly, with some innovative products being introduced every single day.

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