Feedjit Vs Live.Nimlinks.com : Why I Replaced Feedjit?


Real-time visitor tracking tools have been popping up ever since 2007. Therefore there are Many Websites which are giving the live tracking services .Here are collection of Top 5 Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking in 2015 which I founded.

Among them, Feedjit is perhaps the most popular traffic counter commonly seen on majority of free blogs (especially those hosted freely on blogspot) in early days .Its intuitive way of displaying live visitors is still unparalleled to any traffic counter of its kind! If you are a regular reader of this blog then you might have noticed a small change – Feedjit gone and Now I Replaced it with ‘ The Ultimate Live Tracker ‘ by live.nimlinks.com

Live.nimlinks.com is a great upcoming Web application which is Better then Feedjit in many terms and Features . I also Posted a full review of Live.nimlinks.com Web Application CLICK HERE

The main Difference between them are follows : 


Feedjit has a very ugly looking unresponsive design  as well as it doesn’t match with the new material design, websites templates which are mostly used these days, where as live.nimlinks.com has a fully responsive and material designing look and feel with its tracking widget in a very small packet.

feedjit widget
live.nimlinks.com widget

User Interface

Both are having the same type of User Interface as both of them shows the visitors data in a Tabular Form but Live.nimlinks.com shows more information of visitors then Feedjit, like Detailed Info and shows the visitors Online Countries in a 3D Map which helps to easy track of the visitors and from where are they coming (which country).

feedjit visitor tracking table
live.nimlinks.com  visitor tracking table
live.nimlinks.com visitor tracking table
live.nimlinks.com visitor globe

Tracking Features

The Feedjit Live Traffic Feed is used to track live traffic in real-time and it is the only Feature that Feedjit is giving but it is not same as the The Ultimate Live Tracker (live.nimlinks.com) .The Ultimate Live Tracker gives the main Live Tracking Traffic Feature as well as it is also giving the feature of Page view Counter and Online Visitors Tracking . Thus, It is the Combo( All in One ) of :

 Live Tracking Feed+ Visitors Online + Page Views Counter


Ads are the main Source of generating  Revenue from the visitors but it is not good to show others ads freely on our website to get the Tracking Service . Feedjit make the the Widget more Wired by showing the Advertisements under every Widget on every Website , It also  looks ugly on the website and may cause a bad looking website experience, but  Live.nimlinks.com shows no ads of any advertisements companies and it’s looks cool and match with the website theme with its Material Design Template.

WordPress Plugin

It is quit nice to have a WordPress plugin because if you are running a WordPress self hosted Website or Blog, you can just click on the Install button and the widget is there, no need to copy-paste the code . And if you want to change or modify the Designing of the Widget just change the WordPress Widget Settings and your widget design will be modified according to your needs, no need for copying and pasting codes again and again to change a simple color of the widget .

Both Feedjit and live.nimlinks.com have released a WordPress Plugin for the WordPress Users .

Feedjit have a WordPress plugin called ‘ Feedjit Live Traffic Feed ‘ .  It gives all the useful features of installing and customizing the Widget .

feedjit Customize panel

But Again it misses one important feature that every user need and i.e. the Live Preview of  Changing Widget Design in Widget Customizer Panel . The point is if you can not see that what has being changed in the widget and how it exactly looks like after changing the color and other things , we have to SAVE it again-again to see how the Widget will Look in different color combinations on our website.

Live.nimlinks.com also have a WordPress plugin called ‘ The Ultimate Live Tracker ‘.  Both the Plugins have the Same Functioning but in this WordPress Plugin there is a lot more freedom of Customizing the Widget as well as it shows the Live Preview of the Widget Design by Changing it in the Widget Customizer Panel.

live.nimlinks.com Customize-panel

As it is Shown in the above image, it has a feature of Viewing the Live Demo of whats the Widget will exactly look on the website without again – again Saving and Viewing on the Website.

Conclusion (Feedjit Vs Live.nimlinks.com)

As I already say , Feedjit is lacking with various features as compare to Live.nimlinks.com and Live.nimlinks.com is giving all of these features for FREE without charging any single amount of money. these features are now-a-days are very important which The Ultimate Live Tracker by live.nimlinks.com giving under one single block of code. Due to which i was being forced to change the plugin and to change the service from feedjit to live.nimlinks.com.

Hence, I Strongly Recommend you to go for the “Live.nimlinks.com” The Ultimate Live Tracking Widget and get a responsive great design as well as the Tracking Accuracy in a Single Packet with No-Ads which is clean and safe to use.

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  1. I don’t agree with the above. Though FeedJit lacks the responsive design, Live.Nimlinks.com lacks in many other ways. The widget doesn’t refresh and the display like these:

    “On Your Website 00 Days, 00 Hours, 00 Minutes, and 00 Seconds Ago”

    is really amateurish.

    Though I have problem with FeedJit due to its non-responsiveness, I will not use Live.Nimlinks.com.

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