Firefox Focus Browser with in-built Ad Blocker Comes to Android

Firefox Focus Browser with in-built Ad Blocker Comes to Android

Mozilla has already launched Firefox Focus-a free, a fast and easily usable private browser, last year for iOS but now it is also available on Play Store for Android users. This browser is designed for times when you don’t want to leave any traces or records on your phone.

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Suppose you are looking for sensitive information such as a plane ticket or an online transaction and you need a faster browsing experience, the Firefox Focus private browser will provide you with these features. Other browsers have private or incognito mode as a different attribute whereas Focus is permanently in private mode.

Firefox Focus can block ads, analytic trackers, social trackers and ad trackers and help the users browse faster. It includes a speed boost and has more processing power. The browser doesn’t keep any track of our history or cookies and there is no bookmark or tab support.

The performance can be increased by blocking the web fonts. Firefox Focus operates as a content blocker on iOS, but the Android users haven’t been provided with such feature. The Android version of Focus does show the number of ads and trackers blocked on a page.

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With the help of this browser, we can select a default search engine and can easily delete cookies or our browsing history. It also saves data by removing ads and trackers which can load the web page faster. It is “The privacy browser” so browse, erase and repeat. Backed by Mozilla, the non-profit organization, this browser has a mixture of aesthetically pleasing colours of pink and purple and it is built for a greater internet privacy.For More information you can download from Google Play.

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