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Fitness Apps: Fitbit

In a world where perfection is measured against a 20 something’s social influencer’s Instagram page, it can get pretty challenging to keep up the pace. It takes some planning and commitment to remain to look young, slim, and healthy, especially if someone else’s smartphone is always ready to capture the moment.

We live in a highly competitive world, and it takes project management skills to stay ahead of the pack. Even our exercise regime has become a matter of public opinion, and if you’re not swaying your hips to a Zumba® tune, you better be rolling out that yoga mat ready to strike a pose.

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What accessories do you need to help you make the most of your exercise and track your progress? We take a look at one of the best fitness apps and gadgets that can change your entire day into a workout without paying a monthly subscription to get into shape.

Fitbit: Change Your Day Into A Workout Without Breaking A Sweat

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet

Fitbit® has become a synonym for personal fitness accessories. With a range to fit anybody’s lifestyle and budget, it’s never been easier to turn laundry day into a competitive workout. The best part is that you’re only competing against yourself, and you decide when to step things up and when to take it slow.

We review our top 3 picks of Fitbit watches and compare their features and cost.

FeatureFitbit Versa 2


Fitbit Ionic


Fitbit Inspire


All-day activity tracker

Calories burned

Female fitness

Sleep Monitoring

Breathing sessions

Heart rate

Fitness level indicator

Stairs climbed

Swim tracking


Phone GPS Compatibility

Built-in GPS

Programmed workouts

Call notifications

App alerts

Quick reply

Voice reply

100’s of apps


Permanent display mode

Designer accessories

Fitbit accessories


Multiple colors

Choosing a personal fitness app and gadget that suits your lifestyle is the first step to improving your health and preventing personal injuries when joining a crowded and fast-paced gym routine.

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Speaking of which, personal injuries at gyms, or even on the street, can happen, and it is recommended that you get legal advice ASAP if you are involved in one.


With all the wonderful benefits technology has to offer, it’s easier than ever to start getting back into shape. We all dread being the new girl in the gym-class. Now you can start at your own pace by making small adjustments in your daily lifestyle. With excellent gadgets and apps like Fitbit to help you, there’s never been a better time to get started.

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