Flutter App Development Cost: 5 Things to Know

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Google’s Flutter hit the scene in early 2017, and it’s taken the mobile app development world by storm. This isn’t just a framework — it’s an entire ecosystem of tools, libraries, extensions, and plugins that make apps easy to create. It was clear that many developers would use it, and the next question was, “how much does flutter app development cost?” In this article, we will review the cost to develop a Flutter app.

Flutter is mainstream


Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that enables developers to build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android in record time with minimum costs. The community behind Flutter is growing in leaps and bounds. According to Medium, 92% of Flutter users are positively satisfied of the framework, and even Dart (the programming language which is not that easy to learn) receives a staggering 89% positive rate.


Flutter is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. It has already received over 103,000 Stackoverflow questions and counting, but you can find Flutter-related chats and topics in GitHub, Google Groups, Gitter, Meetup, Twitter, Medium, and Slack.

Flutter is powerful

Аs a cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Google, Flutter is an exceptional performer. It’s exceptionally fast at delivering apps to users, with a hot-reload feature that can update apps instantly without reloading the device. Its design tools are updated in real-time, making it easy for developers to focus on design and layout without worrying about losing work or reopening the app.

How much does it cost to create a Flutter app?

The cost of a Flutter app is determined by several factors: development time and resources, complexity and scale of the software, and platform exclusivity. The average price range of a Flutter developer hourly rate is between $30 and can go all the way up to $300. It’s recommended to keep the development time as short as possible, as it will decrease the final cost of the app.

Flutter app development cost by regions

If you want to know what would be the Flutter app development cost, you should check by region. Western Europe, Australia, and North America (bar Mexico) are significantly more expensive than Eastern Europe and Latin America, for example. While it is true that you should not sacrifice quality for the price, hiring cheaper labor isn’t always associated with low-quality output. Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria have all built a solid reputation of excellent locations on outsourcing your Flutter project.

Employment type

“How much should I charge to make a Flutter app” is a common question among freelancers, but how can you translate that into something that actually matters to your customers? When you ask the question, remember that freelancers typically range from under $50 per hour to over $200 per hour. While you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option, it’s worth checking whether getting the best price is indeed what’s most important for you.

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If you decide to hire internal staff members, you should remember that the higher the number of in-house employees, the bigger the HR problem gets. First, you’ll have to cover health insurance costs for all of your workers. Then comes their social security payments and everything else on top of that. Does all of that sound like something you can handle? This excludes office rent, utility bills, and equipment. You do the math.

Working with a mobile app development company from abroad

If you decide to outsource your project, think of it as hiring a company to take care of every aspect of the project. Companies work with big talent pools, giving them access to thousands of unique skills and diverse perspectives. They might be expensive, but their awareness of business priorities will make sure that your project isn’t left behind.


Deciding to work with a remote development team is a huge step. It’s important to know who you’re hiring, what you’re working on, and whether or not you can put your faith in them. But if you play your cards well, your Flutter app development costs will be low, and your overall satisfaction with your project – blissful.

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