From Laggy to Fast as Lightning: 6 Simple Tips for Transforming Your App’s Performance

From Laggy to Fast as Lightning Aspiring Software Developers

Making sure your apps run smoothly is crucial if you want to reach a larger audience and gain more viewers, and we are here to help you achieve your goals. Although fixing a laggy app may seem like a daunting task, all it takes is just a few simple steps to go from sluggish to fast and smooth. 

Here are six easy tricks you can use to improve your app’s performance and quickly increase the number of downloads. 

Integrate third-party APIs

Do you want to get as many fast features on your app as possible but don’t want to build them from scratch? Integrating third-party APIs can help you achieve this. You can find numerous free APIs you can incorporate into your app, such as NBA API, IMDB API, etc., that will take your app to the next level. 

Moreover, some API options can boost your app’s performance by offloading specific tasks. For example, if you use a third-party weather API, your app won’t lag since it is a pre-built model. You can replace some of your laggy features (instead of improving them or recreating them) and use third-party APIs instead. 

Use a Content Delivery Network

Numerous renowned companies like Meta and Netflix use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to improve their load times. These networks work by taking content and data from the original server (your app) and distributing it as close to the users as possible while reducing latency. 

Imagine you have your original server located in the US and someone making a request all the way from Australia – this would inevitably make your app slow in such areas. To avoid this, you can use a CDN and have a server in Australia that will distribute and respond to requests as soon as possible. 

Remove unnecessary features

You’ll often notice that some features in your app don’t serve any real purpose and that most users don’t like certain things about the app. Instead of keeping these features “just in case”, you should remove them to reduce load times. 

That way, you can reduce your codebase and make your app easier to manage. You will free up space and make your app feel brand new. 

Keep it small and efficient 

The main thing that will affect your app’s speed is its size. Try to free up your app from any clutter to make it smaller, removing any superfluous images, transitions, animations, etc. Now some of these flashier elements may be integral to the experience – for example, if you have a gaming app, you may still need high-quality animations to attract more users. 

That’s why you need to take your time and determine what you can compress to make your app smaller and more efficient without sacrificing overall useability. That way, your app will take less time to load and run, making it accessible even to those with low-memory devices. 

Run tests frequently 

Even if your app is working perfectly now, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. You should run frequent tests to know whether your app is lagging and whether everything functions properly. Moreover, you can also use tools that help you run non-stop app tests which is crucial if you have an extensive network of users. 

Although this step may not directly impact your app’s speed and performance, it is worth mentioning since it will give you insight into your app’s problems. Thus, you can quickly eliminate the issues making your app slower – you can consider tests as a security measure rather than a performance-boosting property. 

Use lazy loading 

Lazy loading works by loading or reloading only a specific part of your app instead of the whole app. That makes it an excellent way to reduce loading times. If you want to make your apps work faster but don’t want to integrate any complex features, lazy loading is probably the way to go. 

That being said, implementing lazy loading will make your current code a bit more complicated. If that doesn’t bother you, this option is a fairly quick and easy fix. 


Developing and maintaining an app is a complex process – you must consider numerous factors to keep your app up and running. However, if you want to simplify this process and boost your app’s performance, you can use some tips and tricks prepared. By integrating these tricks, you will decrease the loading time. Try them for yourself and turn your laggy apps into lightning-speed ones. 

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