The Future of Blogs. What Will They Look Like in 5 Years?


Life is fluid, especially in the world of blogging.  With trends constantly changing and the audience’s expectations and interests increasingly dynamic, it’s highly important to be able to foresee the content providing shifts that can occur in the relatively near future.  But as a blogger, what is it exactly you should be looking out for?  And more importantly, what can you do to successfully adapt to new trends and changes for your blogs’ needs?

Well, don’t worry, below is a list of changes for you to watch out for in the next five years.

Say Goodbye to the “Blogger” and Hello to the “Influencer”

Every day more and more people are developing successful businesses without even creating a website or blog.  Thanks to the rise of such platforms as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, there are more opportunities than ever to market yourself.  On top of that, posting your content on these platforms is considerably less time-consuming than what it takes to run a standard blog, while at the same time, offering a significant level of real-time measurement and engagement.

Watch out for companies and brands to use these newer platforms – and whatever else gets hot in the next few years – to leverage themselves more and more while partnering with blogs less.

Everything Goes Mobile

The future is the responsive design.  And if your site isn’t equipped yet to smoothly and instantly adjust to screen size changes, then you need to get it so it does.

In fact, Google actually now drops you in its ranking if your site isn’t responsive to mobile.  But regardless, there’s already a very good chance a significant portion of your audience is viewing your site on a mobile screen and you’ve got to keep them happy.  You can go here to find out just how mobile-friendly your site is.

Blogs’ Content Becomes More Visual

It’s critical for bloggers to know what kinds of content draws in the most viewers.  And with the was society is going, it’s not at all surprising to see things heading in a far more visual direction.  Surveys show that video now ranks at the top of what forms of content site visitors pay the most attention to, and things continue to stay short and sweet after that with social media posts ranking way up there in popularity as well.  However,  readers will always be looking for well-written, informative content, and you can never go wrong seeking out reviews of professionals to create amazing custom writing for you.

Comments Become Irrelevant

Although the comments section of a blog can be an entertaining place to spend some time, the truth is that brands really don’t care about them.  What companies are interested in is sales, clicks, and engagement that leads to their own sites or platforms.  So for a blogger, using comments as a metric to discuss or negotiate a potential partnership with a brand will cease to be much of bargaining chip.

As for site visitors who liked to use the comments section as a sort of mini-forum to further carry out their own conversations stemming from a particular blog post, due to the difficulty of commenting through a mobile device or deciding to simply use a private discussion room, that practice is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Things Go Graphic

Infographics are quickly becoming all the rage.  And as more websites go for a minimalist approach with their content, having crisp, clear, easy-to-grasp graphics to back up your text will be critical to your blog’s success.

But what if you have no design skills?

No problem.  Tools such as PicMonkey and Canva can help you create sharp, engaging graphics for your website that will help you its appearance on the cutting edge in the years to come.


As the mega internet influencers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook continue to reshuffle the online stage, it’s essential to stay in-sync with the latest technologies and consumer behaviors that result from them.  The bloggers who are best able to both anticipate and adapt to the dynamic changes will not only be the ones at the top of their game five years from now but will also be topping the rankings for many years after that.

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