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Future of GAMING Keyboard is HERE with Mechanical Hunter Keypad

With the rapid growth in technology, one thing that has constantly increased are video games. Video games have attracted many people and honestly, they are quite addictive. For playing these games, gamers use mostly keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc. These different devices used for playing games enhance your gaming skills by providing an amazing control over the game.

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So, to enhance your gaming experience effectively, Hunter 1.0, a Los Angeles based company developed a mini mechanical keypad for work and games. With this keypad, you’ll surely reach the next level of gaming.

How does it work?

Hunter 1.0 can be easily connected to your device via a Type C USB connector. A software will be provided to you, using which you can customize Hunter 1.0 completely for yourself. You can assign any key for games or a combination of keys for work as per your requirement. Its design is made in such a way that you can place your hand or fingers comfortably while playing games.


  • The device has 12 buttons, 5 positions of the joystick and a quick trigger.
  • Hunter 1.0 has mechanical switches so that you can react immediately during the game.
  • The surface of the device is made to prevent your hand from slipping.
  • There is a backlight for all buttons.
  • The keys are located at a distance from each other to avoid accidental pressing.
  • Hunter 1.0 software is supported by platforms as Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, Linux, MacOS.

Why should you buy it?

Future of GAMING Keyboard is HERE with Mechanical Hunter Keypad

If you are one of those gamers, then you should certainly consider it. It is simple, has a modern design and is available at a low price. Moreover, mechanical keys give a better feel while playing. Keys can be customized according to requirements, that is one of its plus points. Overall, it will not only enhance your gaming experience but will also help you out while working.


The product is available on kickstarter.com, the price of MECHANICAL KEYPAD HUNTER  is 59 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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