GoldSeat powers IOT based tracking and wifi for’s IntrCity Smartbus

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GoldSeat is one of the leaders in the field of Internet of things (IoT) based company of services for bus operators. It has recently announced its agreement with InterCity Smart bus for their branded fleet across India. The main purpose of GoldSeat behind this agreement is to convert all intercity buses as connected busses across India. It offers on the go offline entertainment to the people who prefer road travel. Before collaborating with RailYatri team, GoldSeat has offered their devices to various operators across India to add various new few features and customization.

RailYatri is a leader in multi-modal integrated intercity transportation in India with more than 20 million MAUs. RailYatri provides Train bookings, Bus bookings, Food-on-Train and has launched Intercity Smart buses 5 months back. Talking about the latest status, then Intercity SmartBus by currently has over 50 buses running in North and South India and will be expanding to more than 300 buses within this year.

As per Mr. Gaurav Kapahi (Co-Founder, GoldSeat), GoldSeat is an innovative way to offer travel entertainment services along with services like live cameras, GPS, passenger information system, live alerts, and travel monitoring stations. The main aim of offering such services is to enhance the experience of the traveler by creating a comfortable and well- connected road travel system.

Nishchal Khetarpal, Co-Founder, GoldSeat said, “Technology being an important aspect and is the futuristic way of how India would travel in the coming years, we are elated to be a part of this transformation and bringing services like never before.”

No doubt that the implementation of GoldSeat’s solution is a win-win solution for both the company and the customers. The solution is going to convert the boring road travel into a journey full of entertainment. By implementing GoldSeat’s solutions, customers get access to Wi-Fi, an extensive list of entertainment while also enjoying the benefits of a well-connected and secure transportation system.

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