How To Manage And Use Google’s Activity Controls Feature

Google's Activity Controls feature

The Google’s Activity Controls feature lets you manage the activity Google saves to your Google account. Use of these items with your Google Account allows Google to store part of your activity in a repository called My Activity. The websites you visit, the searches you do, and the videos you watch are among the actions saved. Activity Controls is a feature on your Google Account that allows you to control the activity saved.  

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How to access Google’s Activity Controls feature from the app

Google's Activity Controls feature

The most convenient option is to use the Google app to access Google’s activity controls feature. To access the Google app home page, utilize the app or the search bar widget. 

  1. Launch the Google application. 
  2. Located in the upper-right corner, you’ll find the icon for your profile. Simply tap it to proceed. 
  3. Click the Google Account button next to the account you have chosen. In previous iterations of the Google app, the button is called Take control of your Google account. 
  4. At the top of the screen, tap the Data & Privacy tab. 
  5. Scroll to the History settings section and tap the My Activity button 

How to access Google’s activity controls feature from a web browser

Any web browser can access the Google My Activity page. You can add an icon shortcut to your home screen for convenient access using your smartphone, a computer, or a Chromebook. The following example demonstrates how to use a home screen shortcut to access the Google’s activity controls feature on an Android phone. 

  1. Visit the My Activity main page at in your favorite web browser from your smartphone.
  2. Open your browser settings (the three-dot menu in most cases) and tap Add to Home screen to create a shortcut. This shortcut feature for Android smartphones works with Google Chrome and supported web browsers.
  3. Tap Add.
  4. Tap the Add to Home screen button to place the icon on your home screen. Alternatively, long press the shortcut icon and drop it anywhere on your home screen.

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How to use My Activity to manage your Google account history

Now that you can access the Google’s activity controls feature on your device, it’s time to adjust your Google account’s history settings. Three activity controls are available on the main page: YouTube History, Location History, and Web & App Activity. Examine each and decide which preferences work best for you. In the sections below, we detail each Activity page control. 

If Web & App Activity is activated, and you want to deactivate it to increase the privacy of your Google account, do the following:

  1. Tap the Turn off button to get started. You have two options: Turn off and Turn off and delete activity.
  2. Select Turn off to stop your future activities from being saved. A pop-up shows details of what has been turned off and how your past activity will be used.
  3. Tap the OK button to turn off the setting
  4.  Alternatively, tap Turn off and delete activity to wipe your previous saved history. You get a pop-up saying your activity has been turned off.
  5. Tap Next to select which activity to delete. You can choose Android or Discover, or both.
  6. Tap Next to confirm your choice.
  7. Tap the Delete button to complete the process. You’ll see a confirmation message.
  8. Click OK to close the pop-up

By tapping the icon under the “See and delete activity” heading, you may access and manage the saved history data for any Google service or application. You have more control over Google’s goods because you can perform this action manually for each one. This can be useful when you wish to preserve data from particular apps to your account.  

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My Activity puts you in control of your Google account search history

You can easily restrict Google’s ability to monitor your online activities by using the Google’s activity controls feature. Even if you have no interest in changing these settings, it’s a good idea to periodically evaluate the information Google stores on you.  

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