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Are you looking for a chair that makes your sitting more comfortable? As desk jobs are increasing day by day, so people are more attached to their seats whether it be at home during WFH or in the office during WFO. Of course, you can move around your house or office, but most of the time, it’s just sitting in one place working and looking at the screen.

You must be thinking if you need a chair for doing office work, why you should consider a gaming chair as an option. So here is my Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair review that answers your question, and I will share my experience after moving from a normal office chair to a gaming chair.

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Whenever you listen to the word “Gaming chair”, you must think of only bright colour fancy chairs that are just used to show off by big gaming Youtubers. But it is NOT just that. Or maybe that is NOT the only reason why you should buy it.

So let’s jump into its unboxing and Assembly first.

Unboxing & Assembly

So it comes in a rectangular box, with all the parts required for building this chair. For some people, it will be a little tricky for assembling the chair, but for some, it will be like a puzzle game. Yeah right! The gaming chair journey starts with its own game ๐Ÿ™‚

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If you feel confused while assembling it you can watch the Green Soul full assembly video.

But make sure you pause on every step or play at slow speed on youtube that what I did ๐Ÿ˜›
You can assemble on your own but a helper with you can save you time and effort. You do not need any thing else while assembly company provide all the necessary tools with it as well.
It is a saying that “If the goal is simple you may didn’t like it much but if you work harder for your goal then you like the result more”, that’s what I feel after building my own chair and sitting on it in the end.

Design & Build


Design is always the best part of any gaming chair. In my case, I ordered the full black version Green Soul Raptor Edition gaming chair, which I find more attractive and cool than bright colours. It is my personal choice. You may like other versions better.

When it comes to its overall size, it is BIGGER; yes, it is if we compare it to normal office chairs. But it is because of the extra cushion that makes it more comfortable and easy to work longer.

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The overall shape and curves are perfectly aligned with your back, and as per my experience, after a week of continuous use, it becomes more perfect as per your body shape. The back curve at both sides gives your back good posture support.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 1

This chair uses Butterfly Mechanism that allows you to recline and tilt the chair up to 155 degrees. We did some testing with the chair and I can say its balancing is very good. While my mind thinks I will fall but it not fall.

that allows you to recline and tilt the chair upto 155 degrees

You can also adjust its height with one single lever, which is now common in office chairs also, but you will be found to more premium quality.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 2

If we come to the Seats it’s design and quality are premium. The company calls it the Racing Bucket seat design that comes with some extra thigh support of side bolsters (moulded foam with a specific shape). As per my experience, it gives you good and comfortable sitting; you have all the right posture support that we mostly ignore on normal chairs.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 3

When it comes to its fabric, it comes with Breathable PU leather upholstery which looks good and feels like you are sitting on a car chair. As per my 1 month experience, it is human skin friendly. YES IT IS! It feels comfortable and ensures that your buttocks can breathe easily, as well as material should also last for a very long time. You may feel some warm in summer if you are from Delhi or any other hot city but it is due to the extra cushioning. Green Soul try to solve the issue by using this type of breathable upholstery.

Adjustable Pillows

This is the best part, and I can say it is the backbone of this chair. So this chair comes with 2 pillows, one for your neck support and a second for your back support.


Let start with the Neck Pillow, It is made of Memory Foam that is covered with same PU Leather as the chair. It helps to give you Neck support and it works fine for me but if your height is short (less than 5ft) then you may not like that. It may come at your head or you need some extra cushion at seat for better results. But for me it works fine.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 4

Let comes to its second pillow that is Lumbar Pillow, that give your backbone a magic support. Why I am using the work magic? because earlier I tried many office chairs but I have to attach an external pillow that helps but not solve the problem. But in this chair, IT DOES! Lumbar pillow is perfectly designed to support your back and give it a perfect posture that a normal pillow can’t do. It is one of the key highlights that differentiate from a normal office chair.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 5

You can tight both the pillow or adjust their height as per your need from the back side. You can also remove if you don’t want any of the pillows separately. Isn’t it Great!

Adjustable Arm Rest

The second most thing in a chair is its Armrest. When you work long hours on your desktop then your arm always needed some support. So here, Green Soul does some different; this chair Armrest can be adjusted as per your requirement. You can adjust it Up down as well as sideways that is something new.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 6

You can adjust the armrest height UP-Down as per your comfortable position as shown in above image.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 7

You can also adjust the arm rest sideways as per your seating position, this is something that differentiates from normal chairs.

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 8

If we come to its build quality, then its has some type of PU padded Soft surface that add some more comfort on top of it. Anyways better than the solid plastic armrest that many chairs have.


Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair Review 9

And at last its wheels. If the chair legs are weak then it is useless as in the end all the weight is handled by its wheels. After using some time I can say that it is has a very premium wheel with a good plastic grade that can be used for a long time.

Pricing and Availability

Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair is available in three colour variants: Black, Black Blue and Black Red. You can choose as per your personal choice. You can buy this chair from their official website or from amazon for Rs 12,340.

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If you short on budget then you can also check Green Soul website “Renewed Section” where you can buy chairs at huge discounts.



So hope you like this review. Hope this review answered your question about WHY GAMING CHAIR IS BETTER THAN OFFICE CHAIRS? In short Gaming Chairs are more comfortable and Adjustable.

Hope this review helps you to take your decision; for more reviews like this, you can subscribe to us.

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