GROHE Intellekt and Ladies Who Lead Inspire Change at Tech-Centric ShopTalk

GROHE Intellekt Hosts ShopTalk

GROHE Intellekt, an initiative by GROHE India, a global leader in bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, recently played host to a transformative ShopTalk event in collaboration with Ladies Who Lead (LWL). This exclusive ShopTalk, titled ‘Building With Tech,’ was not just an event; it was a catalyst for empowering and inspiring women professionals.

The vibrant gathering took place at The LIXIL Studio in Bengaluru on a memorable Friday, October 27. The ShopTalk gathered industry experts, including Isha Sapra, co-founder of Ausper; Manije Kelkar, founder and director of Goalkeep; and Sneha Mishra, founder of Social3, for a captivating exchange of ideas.

What set this ShopTalk apart was its engaging format, featuring interactive Q&A sessions and networking opportunities. Over 40 specially invited members from LWL and the Architecture Community joined the event thanks to GROHE. Together, they delved into the exciting intersection of business and technology, exploring strategies to leverage technology for accelerated business growth. The audience found inspiration in the remarkable journeys of Ausper, Goalkeep, and Social3. Through this collaboration, GROHE’s mission is clear: to create more avenues for women in the architectural arena.

Bobby Joseph, Leader at LWT India and Subcon, emphasized the event’s significance, saying, “The ShopTalk event provided a collaborative space for women architects to learn, connect, and engage in meaningful discussions about the transformative power of technology in the architectural world. We regularly organize events for the Architectural and Design community, and this ShopTalk was an exceptional opportunity for the women professionals in our community. This unique event truly showcases the commitment of GROHE Intellekt and LWL to champion diversity, knowledge-sharing, and innovation in architecture and tech.”

In summary, the partnership between GROHE Intellekt and LWL for the ‘Building With Tech’ ShopTalk represents a bold commitment to empower and inspire women professionals in the architectural and tech sectors. It’s a resounding call to unlock innovation and embrace diversity within these fields, marking a significant step forward in integrating technology into architecture.

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