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Here’s How to Choose the Right Attendance Software for Your Business

Choosing the right attendance software system for your business requires careful consideration. Investing in technology to streamline and automate internal processes helps companies reduce costs and achieve higher operational efficiency. Until a few years ago, organizations spent time and money manually handling almost all HR tasks. Today, advanced attendance software technology is making the process easier by streamlining the workforce.

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However, you cannot order an attendance system online without any prior research about its features as multiple varieties are available in the market. Let us look at some top features of an advanced attendance software, which are essential for better operational processes.

  • Easy Integration with HRMS

Every organization has its HRMS or Human Resource Management Software that helps in handling internal HR functions. HRMS software helps navigate the modern work processes of a company from payroll and recruiting to attendance, making it an essential management software. However, not all attendance software can incorporate the existing HRMS system. A next-gen device KENT CamAttendance offers seamless integration with existing HRMS at no additional costs.

  • Cloud Compatibility

This cloud-based attendance machine uses time-attendance management programs, which are based on cloud computing technology. It stores employee’s attendance records over a cloud server along with other data. The cloud server allows an admin or HR person to update or download user or employee attendance data from the cloud database at any time. It also allows remote data management.

  • Touchless Features

The Indian government has banned the use of biometric fingerprint systems keeping in view the rising COVID-19 cases in the country. Traditional biometric attendance devices can become a source of housing bacteria and viruses that can infect people in a commercial establishment. It can further lead to their spread, jeopardizing the health of all employees.

However, advanced attendance software with touchless operations can help to curb such a situation. These are efficient in delivering smart attendance records while using face recognition technology for identifying people in real-time. Such attendance software with touchless operations remove the need for plastic access cards, biometric fingerprint devices, and help eliminate the risk of the COVID-19 virus.

  • No More Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a practice followed in organizations where employees leave early, turn up late, or even take prolonged breaks, impacting the overall productivity because they can have someone else punch in for them. Time theft can also have a great impact on the morale and culture of an organization’s workplace. An advanced attendance software with touchless operations and facial recognition technology solves this problem.

Advanced attendance software also offers real-person detection where you can differentiate between an actual person and photograph.

  • Deployment Across Multiple Sites

Technologically advanced biometric attendance machines like KENT CamAttendance (with the same software) can be deployed in multiple locations or floors of the same commercial establishment. Accordingly, all the data collected can be accumulated in one place to check attendance and simplify payroll tasks.

Adopt Advanced Attendance Software for Your Business

COVID-19 outbreak is a prime trigger in the usage of the touchless biometric machine with advanced attendance software. With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, different private and government organizations are now focused on providing a safe way to verify personal identities and give the employees contactless attendance machines.

We suggest opting for an advanced attendance software with facial recognition with touchless operations due to ease of use, accuracy, and availability of products such as KENT CamAttendance, suitable for a different environment. Their team also helps you understand the use of touchless biometrics and enforce a safety management scheme. If you are considering KENT CamAttendance for your company, contact them today and book a free demo.

Investing in advanced attendance software for your business will only help simplify human resource management.

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