HEXA is the Most Affordable and FUN Robot to Have

HEXA is the Most Affordable and FUN Robot to Have

We all have been somewhat influenced by the field of robotics. Robots are the next big platform. From ages, we all have wanted to use robots or interact with them but due to their limited access, their complexity and high prices, we haven’t been able to do so.

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Well, don’t worry because we are here with something exciting as well as affordable. Hexa is a highly programmable and manoeuvrable robot. Anyone can operate Hexa without having any basic knowledge about Robotics.

How does it work?

Hexa is a 6 legged, highly manoeuvrable and a compact robot that comes with sensors. To operate Hexa, you need to connect it to your phone via WiFi. The app consists of various options like explore, dance, climb, bullfight, etc.

The interface of the app is quite good and one can easily operate Hexa using it. With it, you can take pictures or videos of areas you can’t visit like beneath your bed. In addition, you get a MIND OS with which you can create movements and applications that bring your robotic ideas to life.


  • Each of its six legs has three degrees of freedom and Hexa’s head can endlessly spin.
  • It works up to 4 hours and takes up to 1.5 hours to charge.
  • It offers a feature of night mode which you can take pictures and operate even in dimly lit or dark areas.
  • It comes with a storage of 8GB.
  • It operates in 3 modes – normal, march and cave.

Why should you buy it?

If you are into robotics and like to develop something innovative, Hexa might be your jump start. With Hexa, you will get MIND, a robotic OS and SDK, with the help of which, without even knowing the underlying hardware and complex mechanics of Robots, you can create amazing robotics features. Other than that, Hexa is also a Robot for entertainment. It will keep you occupied and will surely give you an entry to the era of robotics.


The product is currently available on the pre-order basis on Kickstarter.com, so go ahead and order your first robot, the price of the product is 499 USD.

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