Hire Professional Translators from WordPress Dashboard

Hire Professional Translators from WordPress Dashboard


Translating a website is a decision that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Providing multilingual content has become the need of the hour for websites worldwide. However, creating and maintaining a website in multiple languages is certainly a challenge.

If you are running a WordPress powered website, you’d know that the most common problem when translating a WordPress website is to locate the right translation service who is familiar with WordPress and its content.

Fortunately, WordPress offers two amazing translation options to confine your site that is incorporated directly into the CMS – IcanLocalize and TextMaster.

These two services allow access to an array of translators right from WordPress dashboard which can assist you in making your website multilingual or develop valuable content for your site.

This enables you to handle translations from your admin panel as well as keep images, links etc of your actual WordPress pages.

1. IcanLocalize


IcanLocalize is a popular translation service, which is also the author of WPML, a well-known WordPress translation plugin. The website itself uses WPML and IcanLocalize translation services.

They let you hire the best translators in the industry to help you write your content in their native languages. You get a translation quote, interview, and select translator, get the translated content in a stipulated time and publish.

IcanLocalize translation service specializes in translating WordPress websites, iPhone and Android apps. It hosts more than 1000 professional and talented translators, that translates more than 45 languages.


  • Is completely integrated into WPML. You do not require to install and use any other plugin
  • It also allows you to select your translator right from the WordPress dashboard. Since there are dozens of professional translators available on IcanLocalize, you can choose the ones that are suitable for your website content
  • Offers proofreading and translation services
  • Allows you to translate everything (menus, tags, categories, widgets, pages, posts, etc.) and you can get an instant quote before placing your order


  • IcanLocalize only works with WPML. Alos, you might buy the Multilingual CMS version that is available at a cost of $79
  • They do not offer copywriting services
  • The Translation prices are between 0.09 to 0.14 USD / word, depending on the required fields of expertise and language pairs.

2. TextMaster

TextMaster is yet another popular translation service that provides proofreading, web content writing, and professional translation services by native speakers in over 20 different languages. This translation service has also developed and launched a WordPress plugin, WP TextMaster for WordPress users to make it easy for them to translate their websites.

The plugin offers an access to more than 60,000 translators and writers from your WordPress website dashboard. WP TextMaster works seamlessly with any human translation plugin including mqTranslate, Polylang, WPML etc. It can be seen in your sidebar when you create a page or post.


  • TextMaster is available for absolutely free of cost and with an automatic word count feature in WordPress, you will be able to get an instant quote before place the order
  • Can be easily used with many human translation plugins: mqTranslate, Polylang, WPML
  • Comes with over 20 languages: Danish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Polish, Finish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and English. These translators can also translate between any language pairs on demand.
  • Offers two different translation rates including basic and premium with $0.039/Word (best suited for basic website content) and $0.078/Word (best for SEO web content, web pages and app content) respectively.
  • As mentioned earlier they also offer to proofread and copywriting services at $0.026 per word and $0.02/word respectively.


  • You cannot get tags, categories and widgets translated. What you can do is create a post with all these texts of widgets, categories, and tags and send to translate and then copy and paste texts in their respective places.
  • It involves installing another plugin. I recommend disabling the plugin when finished translations
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