Home Biogas 2.0 will Give you Unlimited Renewable Energy

Home Biogas 2.0 will Give you Unlimited Renewable Energy 1

It’s no secret that why recycling is important and that a little change can bring the difference. Recycling helps in reducing the pollution caused by waste. One of the majorly advance appliances that are certainly a boon of technology is Home Biogas. Home Biogas is an appliance used for cooking that helps you to make your own renewable energy from food waste.

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How does home biogas works?


This eco-appliance turns your food waste into cooking gas. Talking about the working of the appliance, the food waste or animal manure are fed into the appliance inlet. The digester has the bacteria in it which break down the organic waste and thus Biogas is created. The Biogas is then stored in the gas bag. The gas bag can hold 700 litres of BIOGAS at all times, ready for all your cooking needs. Gas flows to the kitchen and liquid fertilizer is created as a by-product.


Home Biogas 2.0 will Give you Unlimited Renewable Energy

  1. Provides the gas in a huge amount that can be used up to 3 hours for cooking per day.
  2. You can save $300 yearly on cooking gas and fertilizer.
  3. Home biogas makes your life sustainable and allows you to treat your food waste on site.
  4. Slows down deforestation as around 3 billion people around the world burn wood for daily cooking.
  5. The by-product released by home biogas i.e the liquid fertilizer which is free of chemicals and additives can be used to nourish your plants and food garden.


Installation is quite easy as you have to only choose the location and then you have to assemble all the parts of the appliance and then you have to activate the appliance in an old-fashioned way using animal manure. After installation, you will be able to feed home biogas 2.0 with your food scraps and practice free renewable energy on daily basis.

Why should one go for home biogas 2.0?

Home Biogas 2.0 will Give you Unlimited Renewable Energy

Recycling is important in today’s world if we want to leave this planet for our future generation. The huge waste that used to go to the landfills can now be used to produce Biogas, that will not only make your environment clean but will also help you to conserve natural resources and by buying this appliance, you can save your money.


The device is currently available on a kickstarter.com, at a minimal price of 460 USD. So grab it before it goes out of stock.

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