How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021?

Digital Marketing Techniques to Make Your Small Business Grow

Due to COVID19, many business owners are now pushed to move online. The competition is double now than pre COVID period. You need to adopt the changes and explore the scopes to get a leg up in this huge competition.

Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

In this blog, we are going to discuss such 7 changes in digital marketing in 2021. If you want to win the race, then embrace these changes as fast as you can.

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1. Faster Page Speed

This is not the first time anyone hears about page speed. But it will matter the most in the upcoming days. Though you have 5G connection, it doesn’t mean your page will load fast.

A page that loads fast has more chance of ranking than other pages. Also, a ranked page may lose traffic if it doesn’t load fast.

Find out which things are restricting your page to load fast. Use this tool( to measure the performance of your page and find out the issues.

Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

2. Lengthy Content Does Not Matter Always

Google algorithm is now changing to help the user in the most possible way. Depending on the queries, Google is now showing results to users. It may be a short video, image, FAQ page or 100 words content page.

If you search “how to lace shoes”, Google will present you a YouTube video instead of a 1000 words blog. The video is the perfect solution here as it solves the problem faster than any other content types.

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3. Proper use of Schema Markup

Schema markup is a set of codes that help search engines to present your page as a rich snippet result in the SERP. The codes are provided by and maximum search engine giants like Google, Bing supports this feature. Your page may be a how-to article, product, book or recipe, every page has a unique code to integrate. It doesn’t have any contribution to ranking, but it will increase the click-through rate definitely.

People want to see more than the page title or Meta description in SERP. Let’s assume you have searched a product on Google, one page is displayed with the review, the discount price below the product page is a simple page with Meta and title. People will definitely hit the page with the review.

Use this tool ( to find out your page has schema markup integrated or not.

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4. Updating your old content

Publishing new contents frequently is important, but you can repurpose your existing content to hold the old ranking position or increase the ranking. Google prefers the content that is up to date.

If you wrote an article about “top 10 platforms that allows affiliate partners in 2020”, you should rework on the list. Some sites may stop allowing affiliate partners in 2021. You need to remove those sites and adding some new sites that start allowing affiliate partner. In this way, you can keep your information up to date.

Not only textual content, but you can also apply the same for your video and podcasts.

5. Backlinks would not Matter as Previous

We already left the era when stuffing keywords in on-page content and making some quick backlinks could rank a SERP page. When users visit on your website, they don’t look for your backlinks. As Google is now more focused on user experience, they prefer a relevant website that fulfils users need instead of a site with millions of backlinks.

Even building huge links within a short time frame can hurt your websites rank. So be careful when you are creating links for your websites. Build it naturally by using different kinds of anchors.

6. More Focus on Brands

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”


Making a recognized brand is not an easy task. It takes time and continuous effort. But if you can make it, then your brand can be the solution to many problems. Not only people even search engine gives preference to a trusted brand. Once you started to invest in your brand, it will be worth at the end.

A renowned brand always has a loyal fan base that ensures a certain sale percentage without much promotion.

7. Voice Search

The increased number of voice search has forced the site owners to rethink about the content on their website.  According to a report of Google, “27% of the global online population used voice search on mobile.”

Many big brands like Domino’s & PayPal are now allowing people to order pizza or send money to a friend without touching the device. So, you must optimize your content for voice search.

In this purpose, rich snippet result plays a big role. Google has complete information on every field when a search result is displayed as a rich snippet result. So, the user will listen to correct information of their queries.

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