How EdTech Helps Fight the Shackles of Gender Stereotyping

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The centuries-old debate on technology has oftentimes found refuge in the numerous ways it comes to the rescue of the ideologies, discourses, opinions, and hope. Besides the never-ending safety structures and networks it creates for people trying to express or learn, it helps to extend guidance and knowledge in the bleakest spaces. One such field tends to be that of education.

Technological advancements have abled different communities and people to benefit from the knowledge that may not be otherwise available to them. We have worked out a number of reasons how education through technology has helped in reducing gender stereotyping that is regrettably prevalent in classroom teaching.

Individual Gender Scripts

Students often find themselves ascribing to particular notions and discourses that are largely male-dominated or phallocentric, bound by the terms of patriarchy that are propelled and become evident within the space of a classroom.

Education through technology or online websites helps reduce those stereotypes that could be perpetuated by someone functioning on intentional or unintentional discrimination. Girls are often subjected to subtle jokes that are sexist or misogynistic and are made to be victims of humiliation and a discriminative education.

Anyone could be a student on the other end of a computer screen, making it easier for girls to access educative material that may be otherwise inaccessible and difficult. It becomes possible for both teachers and students to write their own gender scripts with the help of Edtech, instead of a collective one facilitated by a hateful male teacher!


Reducing Anxieties Around Technology

Prevalent notions around women being incapable of excelling in the field of technology and men thriving on hatred for the arts have structured the mindsets of Indians for years now, turning potentially brilliant minds into the laughing stock for such people. Although anyone with an average IQ would agree these people couldn’t be farther from the truth, EdTech helps to rebel against them as well.

Women and men who have been told to stay away from any hardware or books are now able to perfect their hands through education. With more comfort and convenience around digital objects, adolescent girls and boys are now able to use them to subconsciously reduce anxieties around such notions and strengthen a remarkable ego! Go soar, you smart kid!

Reducing Gender Gap Between Teachers

Due to social differences, gender gaps have been widened in working environments as well as the education sectors. With a usually male-dominated presence in such spheres, women have left no jobs or positions are usually cut by men who are assumed to be abler.

Working towards a more feminist worldview, female teachers who are the subjects of prejudice in the education sector can find employment based on their respective skills online. Enabling them to proceed with their love for tutoring, sensitivity can also be promoted through such a platform. It was clear after the declaration of UPSC results, following the release of the UPSC 2018 answer key, when Anu Kumari was able to rank 2nd in the civil services examination proving to the masses that women have the potential to reach great heights.

Working towards a more feminist worldview

Personal Attention and A Hands-On Experience

Nod your head if you can attest to having the absolute desire of being recognized in class and given utmost importance by the teacher. We’ve all been there as students!

To benefit children who are left neglected in a class of 50, despite their respective genders and insecurities, education technology is helping work through a gazillion issues a kid faces. Many would argue that classrooms help invigorate resilience and let healthy competition foster, classrooms often turn into places of bullying and growing hatred between children who don’t know any better.

To help preserve the sanctity of education as a revolutionary means to change the world, it is justified to expect sensitivity when it comes to gender and sex and protecting the child from such life-altering evils.

Barring gender, children often face innumerable issues in trying to communicate or relate to the teacher – now that won’t be a problem insofar as the child is allowed to pick her own teacher and talk.

Working through problems one lesson at a time, it provides a complete hands-on experience to children of all ages. Making sure that they benefit the most from this learning, it also helps them relish and bask in that hundred percent attention that helps work through esteem and attention issues.

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