During the period when people get stuck at home and work through online platforms, tools like Microsoft Word and all sorts of online meeting platforms become quite important. For businessmen who have to communicate with customers or cooperators and sign contracts, the only way is to e-sign the documents on the desktop. So in this review, you will learn the ways to add signature in Word on both Windows and Mac computers. If you want to add electronic signatures to PDF documents, please check: How to Add Electronic Signature to a PDF.

Add A Handwritten Signature in Word

On Windows Computer

Step 1. Firstly, you need to write your signature on paper by hand. Then use a scanner to scan your handwritten signature and transfer it to your computer with a pic format, such as BMP, JPG, and PNG.

Step 2. You can edit the signature through some image editing software to make it clear enough, and also cut the file into a proper size as you need. Then save the changes.

Step 3. Now you need to open the Word document which you want to sign. Then go to the option “Insert”, and click “Pictures”. Just select the picture with your handwritten signature, then you can easily add it to your Word document.

On Mac Computer

Step 1. Like doing on Windows, you need to write your signature down on a paper and then transfer it into a picture with the help of a scanner.

Step 2. After getting the signature on the computer, edit it to be perfect, then open the Word document you want to add this signature to.

Step 3. Go to “Insert” > “Pictures” and then choose the “Picture from File…” option by importing the signature to the file.

How to Add Signature in Word 1

Add Signature Line in Word Document

Directly inserting a signature may be stranger, so you’d better add a signature line for indicating that there is a place for signing name. The way to add a signature line is described here.

Step 1. Open the Word document and place your cursor to the exact place where you need to add a signature.

Step 2. Click the blank place, and then select “Insert” > “Text” > “Signature List” > “Microsoft Office Signature Line”.

Step 3. Then a window called “Signature Setup” will show up. When you fill in all the content it requires, hit “OK” and the signature line can be added successfully.

How to Add Signature in Word 2

Step 4. Now you can drag the added handwritten signature you just added as a picture to this place for making the whole content look better!

How to Add Signature in Word 3

Set to Insert Signature Automatically

On Mac, you can set your signature block to be an auto text. When it comes to the next time as you need to add your signature, you can directly click the well-prepared one for editing directly. Here I will show you the tutorial.

Step 1. After importing the picture with your written signature to the document, select it and go to “Insert” > “Auto Text” > “New”.

How to Add Signature in Word 4

Step 2. When the “Create New AutoText” window shows up, enter your name and then hit “OK”.

Step 3. Next time when you have to use your signature again, just move your cursor to the place you need to add a signature, then click “Insert” > “Auto Text” and select the saved signature picture you just edited before. The signature can be easily added.

An advanced tip for you is to convert the Word to PDF format so that your signature or the content of the Word document will not be changed casually by others. This can highly protect its security.

In Conclusion

Microsoft Word has provided such an easy function to allow people to add a signature to the document without meeting in person. It brings great convenience for businessmen who have to work from home and sign contracts online. If you need to learn how to add a signature to a Word document, take this tutorial to help!


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