How to Avoid Unemployment with These Tips

How to Avoid Unemployment with These Tips 1

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the global economy to a halt. Many people lost their jobs worldwide, and people who held onto their jobs worked on a half-pay scale or without any increment. Such difficult times make us realize how hard it is to hold on to a job, even if you are a permanent employee in a company. Hence, here are a few tips to avoid unemployment.

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How to Avoid Unemployment?

Avoid Unemploymen

  1. Know Your Value:

Never stop looking for a new job, even when you have a nice permanent job. Researching only makes you understand your market value in the field. This way, you will know if you are being underpaid. It will also help you understand the area where you have a stronghold and the area that needs improvement.

  1. Upskill:

A sure shot way to stay relevant in any career is to upskill yourself constantly. Even if you have enough degrees, keep learning something new. As trends come and go, remember to update your knowledge in the field you work in as due to innovations, things keep changing frequently, and you need to catch up to stay relevant. In fact, upskilling also will help you get better paid in the same organization itself. If you are an IT professional and enroll in an AWS certification in London once you get certified, you can apply for a better position in the same organization as you have specialized in the cloud computing field.

  1. Be Productive:

This is the best mantra to ensure you are never unemployed. Companies claim to be looking for a hard-working employee, but what they actually seek is a productive person who gets the job done. If you are a performer, the company may not wish to let go of you; hence, your job will remain secure.

  1. Network:

Making professional contacts can help you get information about job openings. Also, if you are a referred candidate, you may get preference over others. Make a strong professional network using LinkedIn and stay active there and stay connected with people in your network.

  1. Start Looking:

When you get an intuition that the company may lay off employees, it is better to start looking for a new job rather than waiting for the news. Remember, companies preferably offer jobs to employees who are already in a current job rather than unemployed individuals. Hence, start looking for a switch before it gets too late.

  1. Start a Side Hustle:

Making extra money with your side business can help you lead a comfortable life, and also, you will not fear the loss of a job. There are many freelancing works you can choose from. Remember, this should not clash with the confidentiality agreement of your company. Also, the side hustle should be such that it consumes less time as you have to also manage a full-time job along.

The Bottom Line:

Remember, a skilled worker cannot remain unemployed for a long time. Instead of depending on a job too much and thinking of only the company’s growth, always prioritize your personal growth as that is what matters the most career-wise, which will always ensure you are employed.

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