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How to Create a Cohesive Print/Digital Marketing Campaign

Coming up with fresh and creative content and ideas are simple for a resident marketing guru. The tricky part, however, is ensuring that your work is consistent with previous campaigns, the brand identity, core values and target customer. When it comes to creating consistency across a variety of mediums, even the smallest of details is significant. From using the same printer cartridges to matching filters, developing a consistent marketing campaign requires significant attention to detail.

Creating a cohesive print and digital marketing campaign is, therefore, no easy feat. It requires significant thought and planning in order to push the boundaries of the brand and make an impact, without sacrificing the consistency of the brand’s carefully curated image. Follow these simple tips to keep your message on-brand, and create a cohesive print and digital marketing campaign.

Find your Core

The first step in creating a cohesive marketing campaign, whether it be print or digital, is to reflect on the core values and image that the brand represents. With this in mind, it is possible to identify the stylistic elements, fonts, colors and consistent imagery that will both represent the brand and appeal to the target consumer.

The core values of your company should be reflected in every marketing campaign, advertisement, social media post and store fitting. For example, the core values of Whole Foods are to promote healthy eating education and natural, healthy and nourishing options for their customers. These core values are reflected throughout their marketing campaigns, which include healthy food choices as imagery and upcoming educational opportunities for their customers to take part in. They also supplement their campaigns online, with healthy recipes and informative articles on their website and social media accounts.

Develop Brand Guidelines

Developing brand guidelines is essential in order to create or continue a cohesive print or digital marketing campaign. Working within clearly-defined standards or guidelines will help keep your work on track and cohesive, no matter which platform or type of media you’re working with.

The game, set, MATCH

When creating an integrated print advertising campaign, it is crucial to ensure that all of your pieces match. This means ensuring continuity in your logos, colors, fonts and overall style of each piece.

Fonts: Fonts have taken the design world by storm, and there are now catalogs of different options available for marketers to use. However, the multitude of possibilities also present challenges for digital marketers hoping to promote brand identity.

Not all fonts are easily read by all systems. If you are creating a print and digital marketing campaign, it is, therefore, vital to choose a font that is adaptable to both mediums. Even though there are more viable options than ever before, it is best to choose no more than two fonts when attempting to create a cohesive campaign. Using a combination of these same fonts in all printed and digital marketing helps to solidify the brand’s image over time.

Images: Any images used in a digital or print marketing campaign must be carefully selected speak to the desires of the target client. They should also utilize chosen branding elements and be consistent with other promotional materials. One way of ensuring consistency is to apply the same filters to any images that are chosen and to have the same placement dimensions across the board. This will help make the images recognizable as part of your brand identity.

Information: From a sales perspective, it is also critical to ensure that your campaign pieces present the same information, and lead prospective clients through the sales cycle in the same manner. This sense of continuity is critical to ensuring brand identification and makes the sale cycle easier for clients to navigate. These factors are both critical in landing the final sale.

Having an understanding of your business’s core values and target market, while being consistent in your main design elements, is key to creating a cohesive brand identity that can be leveraged successfully throughout your print and digital marketing campaigns.

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