How to create your Instagram in the same style?

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Forget everything that you knew about how to Instagram before. Let’s start over. Together. However, first I recommend you to familiarize with Instagram so that you have the opportunity to follow the tips and improve your account simultaneously.

If you use these tips, I guarantee: the difference will be noticeable. Let’s start!

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Select the grid layout

What is the grid?

Grid – this is how your posts are placed on the page. The network helps to find out which of the photos you should put next. The task is facilitated by grid layouts. Thanks to them, it is easier to maintain the theme and follow the same style. In total there are nine grid layouts. There are many examples of them on the internet.

Choose a topic

Keeping the same theme can be seen as the mood and soul of the account. This is how your Instagram looks like in general. The visual expression of the identity of the account. So, what do you think your topic should be? Minimalism, something in the spirit of grunge, boho, tropics, something bright and colorful?

Here are some more good examples for inspiration:

What exactly do you want to publish?

The theme (feed) is not just color. This is also the content that you post. However, if you are a blogger or own a business, you should think about it. Which area is your favorite? What should your Instagram be about?

Look at the well-known Instagram users. Most of them devote their posts to the same topics. They write about what really fascinates them. And that is why many are following them. They are inspiring.

What are you passionate about? Select some areas that will attract you. From one to five. And dedicate your posts to them. This is the content of your account, its history, and its subject. Do not be afraid to let your personality open up and shine.


Instagram in one style

To maintain Instagram in one fashion, use only one filter. A theme without a specific filter is nothing. You should use the same filter on each photo every time.

Where to look for filters? In the VSCO app. There are many options: from dark and bright to pastel and white. Choose a suitable one and stick to it. Pay attention to how consistent the accounts look like that use only one filter.

Change the order of your publications

So, you have a layout. You know what you want your topic to be. You know what you want to write about. And you have a filter. Perfect. Your account is already looking better. Now you need to decide on the order of publications. Why do some Instagram account pages look so good? Because their owners know which photos look advantageous next to each other.

The trick is to find a good order of posts

Determining this yourself may not be easy. In this regard, it is convenient to use special programs, such as Parasite. The parasite is a particular application that allows you to design and plan posts before they are published. The publication can be scheduled up to 30 days before. In Parasite, you can change the order of your posts and see how it will look after publication. Just upload your photos and videos to the service and put them in the right order. If the picture does not fit, just remove it from the preview.

Well, but what photos should I put next?

Do not rush to publish posts, until you are satisfied with the general view of your Instagram. If you use a grid, it will be easier to decide on the correct sequence. So, if a tile model was chosen, then you will need to alternate images and quotes. Already easier.

If you do not use a specific grid, your goal is a harmonious look. Balance.

To make an account visually balanced, you can alternate photos based on color, background, or even a theme. Many, for example, try not to place images that are too similar next to each other. They alternate them, creating an absolute contrast between the posts. It also helps to keep Instagram in balance.

Decide on the main colors

Another important aspect of reference is the key colors of your account. For this:

  • Choose 2-3 primary colors, which will always be present on the laid out photos.
  • Distribute your posts by color so that the feed becomes more balanced.


Always check the background of the images.

This simple advice will change your account: pay attention to the background of your photos and quotes. It does not have to be always different.

Do not allow yourself to move away from the central theme. The background can be part of a strategy to attract people’s attention. For example, it could be the Eiffel Tower or just a light wall.

Let’s look at examples again how others Instagram. As you can see, the background on these channels is quite simple:

Use the same boundaries between posts

This tip is for those who want to add a certain distance between posts.

Sometimes borders are beautiful. They add “air” between the posts. And make the account breathe. Boundaries are ideal if you are photographing many different things in different colors. With them, such an account will look more solid.

It is exciting and encourages experimenting. However, it may be tempting to use many options in your account at once. But you should not be doing that. Of course, in some cases, this can work and look amazing. But it is rare. The solution is simple: use only one version of the border in all your publications. Then the account will not look messy. On the contrary, it seems more professional and thoughtful.


For inspiration, you can search for the social media network for examples.

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