How to establish a stable internet connection for playing live casino games


The internet has revolutionized society, completely changing the way we live our lives. However, it is fair to say the technology doesn’t always work as well as it should.

Online shopping, gaming and playing at a live casino are amongst the areas where it is vital to maintaining a smooth connection. Dips in service can cost people money, particularly at online gambling sites, and that is something everyone would want to avoid.

There are numerous tips you can follow to prevent your internet connection from lagging or even cutting out. Our top three are as follows:

Improve line connectivity

If you haven’t upgraded to fiber broadband yet, shop around the various providers to see who can offer the most competitive deal.

For anyone connecting to a live casino site via basic broadband, make sure you use microfilters on the line from the wall socket to your modem and phone. This reduces unwanted noise on the phone line and ensures you don’t lose connection to your game.

Keep your router up-to-date and situate this as near as possible to where the phone line enters your home. Monitor the warning lights on your router. If the ADSL light flashes intermittently this could be an indicator of a problem. Call your broadband provider to resolve this.

Increase your speeds

Modern households tend to have more than one device connected to the internet, so it is important that you have sufficient bandwidth to cope.

Internet speeds of 15-20Mbps (Megabits per second) are sufficient enough for playing live casino games online, but upgrading to fiber would provide you with an even better experience and help you to avoid unwanted glitches that could cost you money.

Fiber broadband gives you a much more stable connection to the internet and is great for ensuring that your connection can cope with the demands of the modern household.

Use Wi-Fi sparingly

Wi-Fi is great if you’re connecting to the internet via mobile or tablet, but if you’re embarking on a serious session with a dealer at a live casino it pays to use a laptop or desktop machine with an Ethernet cable.

Hardwiring to your router can increase your speeds tenfold in comparison with a Wi-Fi connection, helping you maintain a stable link to your chosen website.

If connecting to Wi-Fi is your only option, make sure you place your device as close to the router as possible to maximize your chances of maintaining your link to the casino.

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