How to Export Email from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird

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How to execute Lotus Notes to Thunderbird process. In today’s Atmosphere every user have smart phones, tablets etc for their general consumer space. so expectation of the users according their undeniable. After reading many process about email migration issue the researcher reached the result is switched that level the importance of professional solutions which can make for task easier for users. Before professional solutions users faced many problems during the conversion. Considering that, for users point of view made a technical solution which can user convert easily Lotus Notes to Thunderbird an email migration range that contains various software utilities for email migration purpose. Lotus Notes to Thunderbird is an amazing Software utility that can export your all the emails, contacts, calendars, to-do-list, task, attachments into NSF database to Thunderbird.

Lotus Notes:

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Lotus Notes is an email client application that provides business collaboration functionality features that is optimal for large organisation. This Email Client is well managed and related to business Activities performed in Larger Organisations. Lotus Notes support multiple features like Email, Calenders, Task Manager, Contacts, File Sharing, Micro instant messaging etc.


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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free Open Source and cross platform email Client that support MBOX file format. Thunderbird is an email, newsgroup, news feed, and chat client. Thunderbird supports a variety of themes for changing its overall look and feel. Thunderbird provide mail box format which is support user plugins.

Reason for changing from Export Email from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird:

In the Research it’s conclude that all the users not feel comfortable working with the Lotus Notes email Client. Behind of this reason this application is built on a highly technical base and also their sources are not to find easily. All these technically designed features help users in availing the best out of this client services. To see this we can found that many factors like mobility, versatility, Efficiency and user friendliness then Thunderbird is considered best specially when compared with Lotus Notes.

  • High Cost of installation and maintenance of Lotus Notes with the requisite of technical expertise in using Lotus Notes email Client making you prefer the cheaper and easier to use option of using Thunderbird email Client.

  • This conversion will help to change the environment at your office.

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Thunderbird:

In real fact if you take Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Tool into consideration. This Software maintain the data integrity and data accuracy in most appropriate way so the tool has been designed to make data accuracy for that many key-priority so for this NSF to Thunderbird Converter tool as most of the users usually gives priority to their data as first rather than anything else.

Follow these simple steps:-

  1. Download the Lotus Notes to Thunderbird application

  2. Then browse required NSF file of Lotus Notes.

  3. View Lotus Notes emails.

  4. Export emails from NSF files to Thunderbird.


The Software is effectively programmed to export the mailbox data from Lotus Notes database to new MBOX file. Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Converter comes with free Demo version which you can save unlimited items of NSF file and convert Thunderbird. With this version, you can test its proficiency and capability. Thereafter, you may choose to buy full version to enjoy all the features and benefits. This software is best conversion software which Export Email from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird. In market there are various conversions available but this is only one who provides Safety, Security and Satisfactory. This software is to have fast performance capabilities and increased easy to use which make a great option for all users. 

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