How To Make A Gif From A Video? – 5 Best GIF Maker App For Android (2019)

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GIF or the Graphics Interchange Format is one of the popular media files shared over the internet. These GIFs are like the short version of video files which do not take much memory. GIFs have been popular over the internet because of their short size and detailed content. Now you may have come across various GIFs while surfing the net but have you considered making one of your own. The question is How To Make A Gif From A Video? If you’re one of those Android users, then let us tell you about the top 5 Best GIF Maker App For Android the are Free to Use.

Here are 5 Best GIF Maker App For Android

  1. Camera MX

[appbox googleplay com.magix.camera_mx screenshots]

Camera MX is one of the most popular GIF Android app and trusted stock Android camera used. First of all, it’s a camera app, therefore it has got all the features of a camera. In addition to that, you can also create GIF using it. Just record your video/GIF and you’re good to go. It is preferable because it has got various other amazing features like Timelapse video recording, grid lines for a clear composition and many more other features which might not be present in your default camera app.

  1. Footej Camera

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Now another great app to make high-resolution GIF is Footej Camera. This one has got some pretty amazing features some of which are dependent upon your device. It has got features like it utilizes Android’s camera 2 API, RAW format, manual ISO, etc. If these features are supported by your device, it would be just incredible. You can also make high-resolution animated GIFs using this app.

  1. Gif Me! Camera – GIF maker

[appbox googleplay com.xnview.XnGif screenshots]

It is one of the best apps to make animated GIFs. Unlike the other two apps, it uses your phone camera to capture small videos as GIFs. It has got some pretty cool features like you can apply real-time filters, make slow-motion videos, wiggle GIFs and so much more. Another great thing is that you can directly share to any social media using this app. You can apply the image filter too.

  1. Giphy Cam – The GIF Camera & GIF maker

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Giphy Cam is one of the few apps available on play store which allow you to add special FX or some unique filters to your GIF. These filters include VHS, 3D stickers, etc. You also get access to Face tracker accessories, text, frames and much more. This is what makes your GIF much more appealing and entertaining than ever. The only downside of this app is that it occupies 148MB on your phone. But with all these interesting features, its worth the download.

  1. GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

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This app is the one stop for all your GIF expectations. It includes so many features which will take your GIF making experience to next level. Using this app you can compress Gifs without compromising its size, you can convert GIF to video and vice versa. In addition to this, you can also edit GIFs, search for trending GIFs, etc. The thing which you’ll love about this app is its amazing UI. It’s quite interactive and will surely help you with whatever you plan on doing.


All the apps mentioned here can be easily found on Google Play Store. Of all the apps mentioned here, GIF Maker is the one we would highly recommend. After that Giphy cam is quite good if you’re flexible with its size. Gif Me is a decent GIF editor and serves its purpose. Camera MX and Footej camera are basically a camera app whose one of the features is to make GIFs while other specifically focus on making and editing GIFs. Do try this app and let us know which one of these you find best. Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe.

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