How to Recover files under different Situation using MiniTool Data Recovery

Power Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, we’ve all been through a time in our lives when we accidentally deleted something from our computers, forgot about it and then all of a sudden we needed it once more, well if this has happened to you recently then you’ve got nothing to worry about because if you haven’t added much data to the hard drive after the initial deletion, chances are high that your files can be recovered with minimal losses.

This is an important part though, because files can only be recovered if the physical space they’re holding on hasn’t yet been overwritten, so now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about Power Data Recovery by the folks over at MiniTool.

Power Data Recovery

It’s a tool developed to recover data from various sources, whether it be your fully functioning hard drive, a deleted, damaged or lost partition or just a CD/DVD (although under certain conditions), simply load up the tool and it’ll give you a list of its various features and one to choose from.

Power Data Recovery

Damaged Partition Recovery

Selecting the “Damaged Partition Recovery” option will bring you to a list of your current partitions, it doesn’t matter how your partition was damaged, whether it simply became corrupt due to some error while you were working on the Microsoft Disk Management tool or it just stopped working without cause, Power Data Recovery lets you access it check out the directories as if the partition was working perfectly fine.

Damaged Partition RecoverySimply select the partition which holds the data you wish to recover and let Power Data Recovery do its magic.

Damaged Partition Recovery techniblogic

You’ll be taken to a window similar to the one above, you can check which files are still recoverable and which aren’t, simply select the recoverable files you’d like to save and click the Save button at the bottom right.

Digital Media Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, people often don’t care about the various software that was lost, except what actually matters is your media, your personal pictures, your family videos, maybe your office documents, stuff like that.

Digital Media Recovery

This function also works similar to the straight up data recovery, but it lets you identify media files and recover them. If you’re not looking to recover specific file types then there’s no point in browsing by file type, you can still browse the directory and look for files in specific folders if you wish to do so.

CD or DVD Recovery

This may come in as a surprise to most people but it really shouldn’t be, similar to any other storage media, a disk such a CD or DVD is simply incapable of “deleting” information, information can only be overwritten, never deleted.

CD or DVD Recovery

You don’t have to do anything special, simply go through it as if it’s just another hard drive.

Lost Partition Recovery

When it comes to hard drives though, they seem to have a habit of malfunctioning occasionally, whether it’s caused by some malware or just your own actions, what will probably end up happening is that you’ll lose some data in the process.

Lost Partition Recovery

A lost partition is an issue which only occurs under certain circumstances, if Windows is no longer able to detect a partition because of some issues in the partition table, or perhaps the partition itself is partially corrupted, well, third party software such as Power Data Recovery can easily go through your entire hard drive and look for lost partitions.

How to use Power Data Tools

As for how to use this splendid piece of software, you don’t need to look for guides across the internet, Power Data Tools is highly user friendly and you’re able to go through the entire process in a couple of steps

Lost Partition Recovery

Whether you’re undeleting files which you threw in the bin and emptied it by mistake, or recovering an entire partition, you’ll be getting an easily used menu to select your destination for the recovered files, obviously, don’t save files in the same hard drive where you’re recovering them from, you might overwrite other lost files in the process of doing so.

How to use Power Data Tools techniblogic

On the other hand, you’ll also be getting an image preview of any media files which you may be recovering, giving you full information about what you’re recovering before you click the final button, happy recovering!

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