How to save money with a CMMS? Just look at these five ways!

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Are you one of those who considers CMMS maintenance software to be important in modern industry? Is a CMMS a good investment? What makes CMMS an investment? The truth is that Computerized Maintenance Management Systems not only optimize the maintenance operations and productivity of your team but are a way to significantly save money.

Here are some ways a CMMS will help you save! Keep reading…

  1. Increased productivity

    You probably know the expression “time is money”. All the time spent manually creating reports, monitoring performance indicators, and managing calendars can be spent on more productive tasks. In addition, the CMMS planning features will help you maximize your manpower resources through better planning and scheduling of your team’s operations. Most amateur companies cannot maximize their resources, especially their human resources. The use of resources that are not maximal leads to not achieving goals that have been determined from the start.

2.Fewer equipment failures

If the equipment is not properly maintained, it will eventually lead to downtime, which is not only costly to you but can also damage your company in terms of reputation and put a lot of pressure on technicians to fix the faults as soon as possible. A CMMS allows you to schedule, monitor, and review Preventive Maintenance plans, the purpose of which is to avoid unexpected equipment failures, preventing unnecessary waste of money. Scheduling is one of the important factors that ensure the continuity of a production process and without it; the resources that are owned will not be used optimally.

  1. Increase equipment life and optimize costs

    The aforementioned Preventive Maintenance plans, which you can manage with a CMMS, will help increase the lifespan of your assets through consistent maintenance before any glitches manifest themselves. But there is more – with the CMMS monitoring functions, you will have access to information that will help you decide between repairing and replacing equipment, based on various metrics such as the age of the equipment, uptime or distance traveled, thus increasing the profitability of the asset. Access to information is one of the distinguishing factors between successful companies and those who are not successful.

  2. Better management of inventory and parts

    A CMMS can help you manage your stock, avoiding delays in maintenance due to the unavailability of equipment or spare parts needed. You can take a much broader view of your inventory and avoid both overstock and overstock situations as CMMS will provide you with information about the current quantities of your materials or spare parts. Complete information can guide every business person to better manage the lines of work.

  3. Cost management features

    A CMMS will allow you to properly record and identify all costs, whether associated with Materials, Travel, or Assets (such as machinery or skilled labor). This allows for more in-depth reporting and more accurate estimates of budgets and the development of maintenance work from an economic point of view.

    With these and other aspects (such as better energy use, identification of problem areas and compliance with existing laws and regulations), it is difficult (if not impossible) to argue against the cost-cutting power of a Maintenance. CMMS is very important and cannot be ignored when we want to form a professional company. This is a modern industrial need that is difficult to ignore.

We advise you to evaluate your return on investment in a CMMS, taking into account your annual cost and the money you estimate to save annually with the system. Hopefully, this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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